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Admiral Essen (751)

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Image from the Russian Ministry of Defence.

Admiral Essen is the second active ship in the Admiral Grigorovich-class of fighting frigates for the modern Russian Navy.

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The Admiral Essen is a modern guided-missile stealth frigate of the modern Russian Navy. The warship was named after Nikolai Ottovich Essen (1860-1915), a career Russian navy-man (of the Russian Empire era), and built by the Yantar, Kalingrad shipyard. Her keel was laid down on July 8th, 2011 and she was launched to sea on November 7th, 2014. Followed the requisite systems and weapons trials, she was formally commissioned for service in the Navy on June 7th, 2016 and retains an active presence in the Black Sea Fleet as of this writing (2017).

As built, Admiral Essen exhibits modern qualities of the "new-look" Russian Navy - much thought has been given to keeping the warship "stealthy" and this through utilization of special coatings about its surfaces and in reduction of the number of protrusions present. As such, the superstructure is well-formed into the deck line creating a very sleek-looking warship. Slab-sides are used where possible including at the forward deck turret, bridge superstructure / hangar structure and at the smoke funnel. The smoke funnel is of a low-profile design and the various masts are enclosed.

The warship is crewed by some 200 men. It features an overall length of 409 feet with a beam measuring 50 feet and a draught of 14 feet. This rather shallow draught allows the ship to operate somewhat close-to-shore in support of amphibious-minded operations though she is completely free to operate in "Blue Water" as needed - either with the main fleet or independently.

Power is through a COmbined Gas And Gas (COGAG) arrangement involving two sets of marine gas turbines, each pair rated independently and one used for low-powered cruising actions and the other for high-powered, high-speed dashes. There are 2 x DT-59 gas turbines outputting 22,000 horsepower along with 2 x DS-71 gas turbines outputting 8,450 horsepower. These drive power to 2 x Shafts under stern to help propel the warship to speeds reaching 30 knots and out to ranges of 4,850 nautical miles.
Aboard there are a plethora of modern and advanced processing systems and sensors. Air-search functionality is through the "Fregat" M2EM system and surface-search is provided for by various installations working in conjunction. Fire Control is similarly handled by multiple networked systems and the Electronic Warfare (EW) suite is the TK-25E-5 series. Countermeasures includes the KT-216 series launcher.

At the heart of this guided-missile frigate is its armament fir. The Admiral Essen carries both conventional projectile and missile types. Over the forecastle is a single 100mm turreted gun and there are 2 x "Kashtan" digitally-controlled Close-In Weapon Systems (CIWSs). 2 x 533m twin-tubed torpedo launchers are also installed as is an RBU-6000 Anti-Submarine ROCket (ASROC) launcher. The missile fit includes two Vertical Launching Systems (VLSs), one as the 8-cell bank (supporting Kalibr and 3M55 Oniks missiles) and another as a 12-cell bank supporting the 3S90M "Shtil-1" missile family. Additionally there are 8 x "Igla-1E" (SA-16) launchers which serve as Anti-Aircraft (AA) weapons for short-ranged encounters.

Beyond this the vessel also supports a single Kamov "Helix" class navy helicopter (or similar) from its stern-based flightdeck and hangar. The hangar provides complete repair and support facilities for the aircraft which, in turn, allows the helicopter to provide the warship maritime patrol, anti-ship / anti-submarine and Over-the-Horizon capabilities. The helicopter can also be featured in the Search And Rescue (SAR) role when needed.

There are currently (2017) six warships planned in the Admiral Grigorovich-class with three being active as of this writing (2017). The remaining three are expected to come online before 2020 and all will serve as part of the Black Sea Fleet.


Commissioned, in Active Service
200 Personnel
Ship Class [ Admiral Grigorovich-class ]
Ships-in-Class [ 6 ] Ship Names: Admiral Grigorovich (745); Admiral Essen (751); Admiral Makarov (799); Admiral Butakov; Admiral Istomin; Admiral Kornilov
National flag of Russia Russia
- Blue Water Operations
- Fleet Support
- Hunter
- Direct-Attack
409 ft (124.66 m)
Width / Beam:
50 ft (15.24 m)
Height / Draught:
14 ft (4.27 m)
Displacement (Surface):
3,620 tons
2 x DT-59 gas turbines developing 22,000 horsepower with 2 x DS-71 gas turbines developing 8,450 horsepower and driving 2 x shafts under stern in a COmbined Gas And Gas (COGAG) arrangement.
Speed (Surface):
30 kts (35 mph)
4,849 nm (5,580 miles; 8,980 km)
1 x 100mm A-190 Arsenal turreted deck gun.
1 x 8-shot UKSK 3S14 Vertical Launching System (VLS) (Kalibr, Oniks and Zircon missiles).
2 x 12-shot 3S90M "Shtil-1" missiles in VLS.
8 x Igla-1 (SA-16) short-ranged Surface-to-Air Missile (SAM) launchers.
2 x 533mm Twin-tubed torpedo launchers.
2 x Kashtan Close-In Weapon Systems (CIWSs).
1 x RBU-6000 Anti-Submarine ROCket (ASROC) launcher.
1 x Kamov Ka-27PL OR Kamov Ka-31 "Helix" navy helicopter.

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