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USS Virginia (SSN-774) Nuclear-Powered Fast Attack Submarine

The USS Virginia is the first submarine in her class and was officially commissioned in 2004.

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The USS Virginia (SSN-774) is a modern, nuclear-powered attack submarine in service with the United States Navy. The vessel is a powerful submerged weapon, capable of engaging surface and undersea threats with equal lethality while herself remaining out of sight. Nuclear-powered submarines make up a deadly component of US naval operations all over the world and provide a first-strike capability unmatched anywhere on the globe. The USS Virginia became the first USN submarine to be drafted completely through computerized software and is recognized by many as the "World's Most Technologically Advanced Submarine". The boat is also noted as being the first submarine without a true periscope.

USS Virginia was ordered on September 30th, 1998, her keel laid down by General Dynamics Electric Boat and Dry Dock Company on September 2nd, 1999. She was officially launched on August 16th, 2003 and formally commissioned on October 23rd, 2004. She makes her homeport from Groton, Connecticut and fights under the moto of "Sic Semper Tyrannis" which, when translated, becomes "Thus Always To Tyrants". The boat's badge consists of an approaching USS Virginia with figurehead of George Washington, the state of Virginia included in the upper left region. Nine stars represent nine previous vessels that have carried the "Virginia" name (SSN-774 being the tenth). The USS Virginia is the lead ship of her class ("Virginia-class") representing eighteen total boats (some still under construction or on order as of 2013). As an homage to the commissioning of the USS Holland (SS-1) - the first commissioned USN submarine in 1900 - the USS Virginia was taken into USN custody on October 12th, 2004, this after five years of construction at a cost of $2 billion USD.

USS Virginia (SSN-774) Technical Specifications

Service Year: 2004
Type: Nuclear-Powered Fast Attack Submarine
National Origin: United States
Ship Class: Virginia-class

Structural (Crew Space, Dimensions and Weights)

Complement (Crew): 134
Length: 377 feet (114.91 meters)
Beam (Width): 34 feet (10.36 meters)
Draught (Height): 32 feet (9.75 meters)

Surface Displacement: 7,800 tons

Installed Power and Base Performance

Engine(s): 1 x General Electric S9G nuclear reactor powering 1 x shaft.

Surface Speed: 25 knots (29 mph)
Submerged Speed: 35 knots (40 mph)
Operational Range: Essentially Unlimited

Armament / Air Wing

12 x VLS (Vertical Launch System) launch tubes for BGM-109 Tomahawk cruise missiles.
4 x 21" (530mm) torpedo tubes (Mk-48 torpedoes)
Naval Mines as needed.

Aircraft: None.

Global Operators

United States

Ships-in-Class (18)

USS Virginia (SSN-774); USS Texas (SSN-775); USS Hawaii (SSN-776); USS North Carolina (SSN-777); USS New Hampshire (SSN-778); USS New Mexico (SSN-779); USS Missouri (SSN-780); USS California (SSN-781); USS Mississippi (SSN-782); USS Minnesota (SSN-783); USS North Dakota (SSN-784); USS John Warner (SSN-785); USS Illinois (SSN-786); USS Washington (SSN-787); USS Colorado (SSN-788); USS Indiana (SSN-789); USS South Dakota (SSN-790); USS Delaware (SSN-791)

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