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USS Joseph P Kennedy, Jr (DD-850)

Destroyer Warship

Naval Warfare / Ships

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Image from the Public Domain.

The USS Joseph P Kennedy DD-850 took part in the naval blockade of Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

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Decommissioned, Out-of-Service
274 Personnel
Ship Class [ Gearing-class ]
Ships-in-Class [ 98 ] Ship Names: USS Gearing (DD-710); USS Eugene A. Greene (DD-711); USS Gyatt (DD-712); USS Kenneth D. Bailey (DD-713); USS William R. Rush (DD-714); USS William M. Wood (DD-715); USS Wiltsie (DD-716); USS Theodore E. Chandler (DD-717); USS Hamner (DD-718); USS Epperson (DD-719); USS Frank Knox (DD-742); USS Southerland (DD-743); USS William C. Lawe (DD-763); USS Lloyd Thomas (DD-764); USS Keppler (DD-765); USS Rowan (DD-782); USS Gurke (DD-783); USS McKean (DD-784); USS Henderson (DD-785); USS Richard B. Anderson (DD-786); USS James E. Kyes (DD-787); USS Hollister (DD-788); USS Eversole (DD-789); USS Shelton (DD-790); USS Chevalier (DD-805); USS Higbee (DD-806); USS Benner (DD-807); USS Dennis J. Buckley (DD-808); USS Corry (DD-817); USS New (DD-818); USS Holder (DD-819); USS Rich (DD-820); USS Johnston (DD-821); USS Robert H. McCard (DD-822); USS Samuel B. Roberts (DD-823); USS Basilone (DD-824); USS Carpenter (DD-825); USS Agerholm (DD-826); USS Robert A. Owens (DD-827); USS Timmerman (DD-828); USS Myles C. Fox (DD-829); USS Everett F. Larson (DD-830); USS Goodrich (DD-831); USS Hanson (DD-832); USS Herbert J. Thomas (DD-833); USS Turner (DD-834); USS Charles P. Cecil (DD-835); USS George K. MacKenzie (DD-836); USS Sarsfield (DD-837); USS Ernest G. Small (DD-838); USS Power (DD-839); USS Glennon (DD-840); USS Noa (DD-841); USS Fiske (DD-842); USS Warrington (DD-843); USS Perry (DD-844); USS Bausell (DD-845); USS Ozbourn (DD-846); USS Robert L. Wilson (DD-847); USS Witek (DD-848); USS Richard E. Kraus (DD-849); USS Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. (DD-850); USS Rupertus (DD-851); USS Leonard F. Mason (DD-852); USS Charles H. Roan (DD-853); USS Fred T. Berry (DD-858); USS Norris (DD-859); USS McCaffery (DD-860); USS Harwood (DD-861); USS Vogelgesang (DD-862); USS Steinaker (DD-863); USS Harold J. Ellison (DD-864); USS Charles R. Ware (DD-865); USS Cone (DD-866); USS Stribling (DD-867); USS Brownson (DD-868); USS Arnold J. Isbell (DD-869); USS Fechteler (DD-870); USS Damato (DD-871); USS Forrest Royal (DD-872); USS Hawkins (DD-873); USS Duncan (DD-874); USS Henry W. Tucker (DD-875); USS Rogers (DD-876); USS Perkins (DD-877); USS Vesole (DD-878); USS Leary (DD-879); USS Dyess (DD-880); USS Bordelon (DD-881); USS Furse (DD-882); USS Newman K. Perry (DD-883); USS Floyd B. Parks (DD-884); USS John R. Craig (DD-885); USS Orleck (DD-886); USS Brinkley Bass (DD-887); USS Stickell (DD-888); USS O'Hare (DD-889); USS Meredith (DD-890) CANCELLED: USS Castle (DD-720); USS Woodrow R. Thompson (DD-721); USS Lansdale (DD-766); USS Seymour D. Owens (DD-767); USS Hoel (DD-768); USS Abner Read (DD-769); USS Seaman (DD-791); (DD-809); (DD-810); (DD-811); (DD-812); (DD-813); (DD-814); USS Charles H. Roan (DD-815); USS Timmerman; USS Robert A. Owens; (DD-855); (DD-856); (DD-891); (DD-892); (DD-893); (DD-894); (DD-895); (DD-896); (DD-897); (DD-898); (DD-899); (DD-900); (DD-901); (DD-902); (DD-903); (DD-904); (DD-905); (DD-906); (DD-907); (DD-908); (DD-909); (DD-910); (DD-911); (DD-912); (DD-913); (DD-914); (DD-915); (DD-916); (DD-917); (DD-918); (DD-919); (DD-920); (DD-921); (DD-922); (DD-923); (DD-924); (DD-925); (DD-926)
National flag of United States United States
- Blue Water Operations
- Fleet Support
- Hunter
- Direct-Attack
390.5 ft (119.02 m)
Width / Beam:
40.9 ft (12.47 m)
Height / Draught:
14.3 ft (4.36 m)
Displacement (Surface):
2,425 tons
4 x Babcock and Wilcox D-Type super-heated express boilers with 4 x General Electric OR Westinghouse turbines developing 60,000 horsepower to 2 x propeller shafts.
Speed (Surface):
35 kts (41 mph)
5,040 nm (5,800 miles; 9,334 km)
1 x 5-inch (127mm)/38 caliber twin gun mount
2 x triple 12.75-inch (324mm) Mk 32 torpedoes
4 x Double-Celled Anti-Submarine Rocket Launcher (ASROC) systems with 8 missiles.
1 x Drone Anti-Sub Helicopter (DASH)

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