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Sea Dart (GWS 30) Surface-to-Air, Surface-to-Surface Missile

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The British Sea Dart could be launched at both air and ground targets.

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Sea Dart (GWS 30) Surface-to-Air, Surface-to-Surface Missile Technical Specifications

Service Year: 1973
Type: Surface-to-Air, Surface-to-Surface Missile
National Origin: United Kingdom
Manufacturer(s): Hawker Siddeley / British Aerospace

Structural (Dimensions and Weights)

Length: 4.4 meters
Weight: 550 kilograms
Guidance: Semi-Active Radar
Warhead: 22kg High Explosive Blast Fragmentation

Installed Power and Base Performance

Propulsion: Chow solid fuel booster motor; Bristol Siddeley Odin ramjet cruise motor.

Speed: 3219 kilometers
Range: 0 kilometers