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    Details of the Silver Star service medal of the United States military.

    Picture of the Silver Star medal

    Picture of the Silver Star ribbon

    Date Authorized: July 9th, 1918 (as the Citation Star); replaced with Silver Star on July 19th, 1932

    Ribbon Colors: gold; silver; blue (67118); white (67101); red (67156)

    Description (Ribbon):

    Blue-white-blue-white-red-white-blue-white-blue pattern with thinner stripes outward and equally thicker stripes inward.

    Description (Medal):

    Five-pointed gold star; laurel wreath encircling center silver five-pointed star; star joined to skeletal rectangular loop at top; reverse side contains inscription text "FOR GALLANTRY IN ACTION".

    Award Criteria:

    Individual is cited for distinctive "gallantry in action" when in service to the US Army against a foreign enemy when the US is not at war against said enemy; offered to both soldier and civilians.