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    Details of the Mexican Service Medal service medal of the United States military.

    Picture of the Mexican Service Medal medal

    Picture of the Mexican Service Medal ribbon

    Date Authorized: December 12th, 1917

    Ribbon Colors: green; yellow; blue

    Description (Ribbon):

    Banded ribbon in colors green-to-yellow-to-blue-to-yellow-to-green, stripes of different widths being used.

    Description (Medal):

    Rounded bronze form with bloomed Yucca plant in front of mountain scene. Above the image is the text "MEXICAN SERVICE". Below the scene is the text "1911-1917". The reverse side of the medal showcases a spread eagle facing right while underneath it is a collection of cannon, rifles (six), standards (four), an arrow quiver, spears (three), Sulu Kris, Cuban machete, and Indian shield. Above the eagle is the text "UNITED STATES ARMY" and under the eagle is the text "FOR SERVICE". Along the low edges of the medal are arranged thirteen stars.

    Award Criteria:

    Army Regulation 600-8-22, Military Awards.