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    Details of the Meritorious Service Medal service medal of the United States military.

    Picture of the Meritorious Service Medal medal

    Picture of the Meritorious Service Medal ribbon

    Date Authorized: January 16th, 1969

    Ribbon Colors: red; white

    Description (Ribbon):

    Five-banded ribbon design in crimson-white-crimson-white-crimson arrangement; center band is thickest with thinnest bands at the edges.

    Description (Medal):

    Bronze rounded shape; American Eagle with wings spread imposed over a five-pointed star; rays emanate from behind star and form three points on medal top; the star contains a smaller star within and a smaller star within that star as well; the eagle is perched on two connected laurel branches; the branches are joined by ribbon; edges of this medal are rough as opposed to rounded and conform to the edges of the scene described; REVERSE: Relatively plain with circle of words stating "United States of America" across the top portion and "Meritorious Service" across the bottom portion; phrases are divided by a air of small stars; the center area of the reverse facing is plain.

    Award Criteria:

    Awarded to US Armed Forces service personnel that have distinguished themselves through non-combat meritorious action or through service to the Untied States subsequent to January 16th, 1969; criteria is less than that required for the Legion of Merit but still above and beyond person's normal duty.