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    Details of the European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal service medal of the United States military.

    Picture of the European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal medal

    Picture of the European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal ribbon

    Date Authorized: November 6th, 1942

    Ribbon Colors: brown; green; white; red

    Description (Ribbon):

    Multi-banded ribbon design; color pattern is as follows: brown-green-white-red-green with thin grouped lines at center as brown-white-red; initial pattern is repeated to conclude the rest of the ribbon.

    Description (Medal):

    Rounded bronze medal suspended from ribbon via a loop ring; scene depicted is of an LST landing craft bring ashore ground force elements (these represented by soldiers); to the left of the medal facing is an aircraft flying overhead; REVERSE: An American Bald Eagle stands proudly on a rock outcropping; to the left are the dates "1941" and "1945" on two lines of text; to the upper right next to the eagle is the text "United States of America" across three lines.

    Award Criteria:

    For service personnel involved in European, African or Middle Eastern Theater of Wars between the dates of December 7th, 1941 and November 8th, 1945. Service would involve permament assignment within said theaters, passenger or temporary duty status for 30 consecutive (or 60 non-consecutive days) or active combat against the enemy as having been noted by a "commanding general of the coprs, higher unit or independent force" by way of a certificate or combat decoration.