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    Details of the China Campaign Medal service medal of the United States military.

    Picture of the China Campaign Medal medal

    Picture of the China Campaign Medal ribbon

    Date Authorized: January 12th, 1905

    Ribbon Colors: blue; yellow

    Description (Ribbon):

    Simple yellow primary with edges in thin blue bands.

    Description (Medal):

    Rounded bronze medal suspended from ribbon via loop ring; Imperial Chinese Dragon depicted; dragon has five toes; top portion of medal bordered with text "China Relief Expedition" while botton ringed with text "1900 - 1901"; REVERSE: American Eagle perched with outstretched wings; sitting atop images of cannon, cross flags, rifles, indian shield, spear, quiver of arrows, Cuban machete and Sulu kris; under eagle form is the text "For Service" on two lines; top half edges of medal face bordered with text "United States Army"; lower half bordered with thirteen stars.

    Award Criteria:

    Awarded to service personnel having participated in China with the Peking Relief Expedition covering the date span of June 20th, 1900 through May 27th, 1901.