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    Details of the Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal service medal of the United States military.

    Picture of the Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal medal

    Picture of the Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal ribbon

    Date Authorized: November 6th, 1942

    Ribbon Colors: yellow; white; red; blue

    Description (Ribbon):

    Multi-banded ribbon with yellow as primary color; pattern is yellow-to-white-to-red-to-white-to-yellow with blue-white-red at center; initial pattern is repeated in the reverse for the rest of the ribbon; bands vary in thickness (see image); a bronze star may be worn on the ribbon to indicate campaign (New Guinea, Lyete, Aleutian, etc...).

    Description (Medal):

    Rounded bronze medal; scene depicts US Marines having landed on a beach at foreground with palm trees behind them; behind the men and to the left of the palm tree is an aircraft carrier an submarine; to the right of the scene is a battleship and transport aircraft (three aircraft of varying perception depth); the upper half of the medal edges is covered with the text "Asiatic Pacific Campaign"; REVERSE: American Eagle proudly stands on an outcrop of rock; to the left of the eagle are the dates "1941" and "1945" on two lines of text; to the upper right of the eagle are the words "United States of America" on three lines of text.

    Award Criteria:

    Awarded to service personnel having conducted actions within the Asiatic-Pacific Theater between December 7th, 1941 and March 2nd, 1946. Recipient would have to be either on permament assignment in said theater, have passenger status or temporary duty for at least 30 consecutive days (or 60 non-consecutive) or have participated in active combat against the enemy as acknowledged through a combat decoration or certificate by a commanding general of the corps, higher ranking entity or an independent force; the Asiatic-Pacific Theater also encompasses all of Asia, Alaska, Australia, the Hawaiin Islands, the Philippines Islands and the island of New Zealand.