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    Details of the Army Achievement Medal service medal of the United States military.

    Picture of the Army Achievement Medal medal

    Picture of the Army Achievement Medal ribbon

    Date Authorized: April 13th, 1981

    Ribbon Colors: green; white; blue

    Description (Ribbon):

    Thin green-to-white-to-green-to-white bands, then thicker blue to thin white to thicker blue bands at center, culminating with repeated white-to-green-white-to-green thin banding.

    Description (Medal):

    Octogonal bronze medal suspended from ribbon via a loop ring; scene depicts Department of the Army plaque complete with cannon, cannonballs and flags; under the plaque is imprinted the year "1775"; REVERSE: two slips of laurel facing opposite sides of the medal edges; above the laurel are the words "For Military Achievement" stacked on three separate lines.

    Award Criteria:

    Awarded to service personnel of the US armed forces, or those of the armed forces of a friendly US ally, serving with the US Army in a "non-combat area" on or after August 1st, 1981. This person must have distinguished themselves through "meritorious service" or actions that are less than that required for the Army Commendation Medal. General Officers are not open to receiving the Army Achievement Medal.