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    Details of the American Campaign Medal service medal of the United States military.

    Picture of the American Campaign Medal medal

    Picture of the American Campaign Medal ribbon

    Date Authorized: November 6th, 1942

    Ribbon Colors: blue; white; black; red

    Description (Ribbon):

    All thin banded stripes of different thicknesses; begins with blue, the thin white-to-black-to-red-to-white and then blue again; at center are three thin stipes of black, white, red; the ribbon concludes with the same earlier pattern of white--red-black-white and blue.

    Description (Medal):

    Rounded bronze medal; image showcases a USN cruiser vessel at speed with a flying B-24 Liberator bomber overhead; an enemy submarine is sinking stern-down in the foreground; a pair of buildings are set to the left of the horizon background (the arsenal of democracy); enbossed text is arched above the scene with the words: American Campaign" REVERSE: An eagle stands proudly on her perch; to the lower left are the years "1941" and "1945"; to the upper right is text that reads: "United States of America".

    Award Criteria:

    Awarded to personnel serving in the American Theater of war encompassing December 7th, 1941 and March 2nd, 1946; the recipient in question was to have served on permanent assignment outside of US soil or assigned to a vessel sailing at least for 30 days (or 60 non-consecutive days) or assigned as crew to an aircraft operating frequently over water for 30 days or in active combat against the enemy and awarded a combat certificate or decoration by a commanding general of corps to prove such participation or assigned within continental limits of the US for an aggregate period totaling one year.