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    Details of the Air Medal service medal of the United States military.

    Picture of the Air Medal medal

    Picture of the Air Medal ribbon

    Date Authorized: May 11th, 1942

    Ribbon Colors: yellow; blue

    Description (Ribbon):

    Thin blue band to thicker yellow, then thick blue band back to yellow then blue.

    Description (Medal):

    Bronze design resembling a compass with sixteen directional points; diving eagle set over compass face; eagle carries a pair of lightning bolts in talons; a fleur-de-lis attaches medal to suspension ring on ribbon REVERSE: plain circle at center edged by backfacing of compass points from front.

    Award Criteria:

    Given to persons serving in the US military that have distinguished themselves while taking part in aerial flight and conducting noteworthy acts (may include either single acts or meritorious service) beyond their required duties; may be awarded in peacetime or wartime.