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Korean War Weapons (1950-1953)

The invasion of South Korea by the North came as a complete surprise to defending forces - the gains were soon reversed.

After World War 2, Korea became a divided nation whose fate was ultimately driven by the communist Soviets in the north and the democratic United States in the south. A fracturing of the two sides eventually resulted in an official North Korea and South Korea nations each backed by their respective overseer. On June 25th, 1950 - with the blessing of both Mao in China and Stalin in the Soviet Union - the North invaded the South with th goal of reunification under the communist banner. Initial gains were excellent as the United Nations forces were pushed to the brink of collapse. Only a stout defense at the Puson Perimeter saved the South from total capture.

With more men and supplies arriving to the theater, the North's gains were revered and the enemy went on the retreat. The classic amphibious assault landing at Inchon proved the turning point in the war as the enemy was pushed northwards towards the Yalu River separating it and neighboring China. It was only a Chinese intervention that prevented a Korean reunification on South Korean / U.S. terms and this served to extend the war for a few more years. Eventually an armistice was agreed upon to end the fighting, though the two sides remain at war (officially) to this day.

Below are the weapons used in the conflict and range from World War 1 and World War 2 era types to all-new developments seen - particularly in terms of jet-powered aircraft.
United States, South Korea, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Others

  Beechcraft C-45 (Expeditor)
  Bell H-13 Sioux
  Bell Model 47
  Boeing B-29 Superfortress
  Boeing B-47 StratoJet
  Boeing B-50 Superfortress
  Boeing C-97 Stratofreighter
  Boeing L-15 Scout
  Cessna O-1 Bird Dog
  CONVAIR C-131 / R4Y Samaritan
  Curtiss-Wright C-46 Commando
  de Havilland DH.100 Vampire
  Douglas A-1 Skyraider
  Douglas A-26 Invader
  Douglas C-124 Globemaster II
  Douglas C-47 Skytrain
  Douglas C-54 Skymaster
  Douglas C-74 Globemaster
  Douglas F3D Skyknight
  Fairchild C-119 Flying Boxcar
  Fairey Firefly
  Ford Trimotor
  Gloster Meteor
  Grumman AF Guardian
  Grumman F7F Tigercat
  Grumman F9F Panther
  Grumman HU-16 Albatross
  Hawker Fury / Sea Fury
  Hiller OH-23
  Lockheed C-69 Constellation
  Lockheed F-94 Starfire
  Lockheed P2V Neptune
  Lockheed F-80 Shooting Star
  Lockheed T-33 Shooting Star
  McDonnell F2H Banshee
  North American AJ Savage
  North American B-45 Tornado
  North American F-51 Mustang
  North American F-82 Twin Mustang
  North American F-86 Sabre
  Northrop F-89 Scorpion
  Republic F-84 Thunderjet / Thunderstreak
  Sikorsky H-19 Chickasaw
  Sikorsky H-5
  Stinson L-5 Sentinel
  Supermarine Seafire
  Vought F4U Corsair

  Armor & Vehicles
  Centurion Main Battle Tank
  Churchill Crocodile
  Churchill Infantry Tank
  Cruiser Tank Comet
  Cruiser Tank Cromwell
  Dodge G505 1/2-ton
  Dodge WC54 3/4-ton
  Ford GP (JEEP)
  GMC CCKW 353 Deuce-and-a-Half
  Half-Track Personnel Carrier M3
  Harley-Davidson WLA
  M10 Wolverine Tank Destroyer
  M16 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage
  M18 Hellcat Tank Destroyer
  M24 Chaffee Light Tank
  M26 Pershing Medium / Heavy Tank
  M3 Scout Car
  M4 Sherman Medium Tank
  M7 Priest SPG
  M8 Greyhound Scout Car
  M36 Jackson / Slugger Tank Destroyer
  M37 Gun Motor Carriage
  M40 Gun Motor Carriage
  M41 Howitzer Motor Carriage
  M41 Walker Bulldog Light Tank
  M43 Howitzer Motor Carriage
  M46 Patton Medium Tank
  M65 Atomic Cannon
  M75 Armored Personnel Carrier
  Sherman Firefly Medium Tank
  Willys M38 JEEP
  Willys MB JEEP

  Small Arms
  Bangalore Torpedo
  Browning Auto-5
  Browning Model 1917
  Browning M1918 BAR
  Browning M1919
  Browning M2 HMG
  Colt M1911 Pistol
  Colt Model 1898 New Service
  Colt Model 1917 Revolver
  De Lisle Carbine
  Enfield No.2 Revolver
  Fabrique Nationale M2HB HMG
  Enfield No.2
  Ithaca Model 37
  Ithaca Model 37 Stakeout
  Lee-Enfield Rifle
  Lee-Enfield Rifle No.5 Mk I (Jungle Carbine)
  M1 2.36" (Bazooka)
  M1 Carbine
  M1 Garand Service Rifle
  M1 Thompson (Tommy Gun)
  M18 57mm Recoilless Rifle
  M2 4.2" (Goon Gun)
  M20 75mm Recolless Rifle
  M2-2 Flamethrower
  M3 (Grease Gun) SMG
  M30 4.2" (Four-Deuce) Heavy Mortar
  Mecar ENERGA Rifle Grenade
  Mk 2 (Pineapple) Hand Grenade
  Mortar, 60mm M19
  Mortar, 60mm M2
  Mortar, 81mm M1
  Owen SMG
  PIAT Anti-Tank Grenade Launcher
  Reising Model 50
  Remington Model 10 Shotgun
  Remington Model 11 Autoloading Shotgun
  Remington Model 870 Wingmaster Shotgun
  Savage Arms Model 720 Shotgun
  Smith & Wesson 1st Model New Century Revolver
  Smith & Wesson Model 10 Revolver
  Smith & Wesson Model 1917 Revolver
  Springfield Model 1903 Service Rifle
  STEN Submachine Gun
  Stevens Model 520 Shotgun
  Stevens Model 620 Shotgun
  Vickers Machine Gun
  Webley Model 1887 Revovler
  Winchester Model 1897 Shotgun
  Winchester Model 1912 Shotgun
  Winchester Model 70 Sniper Rifle

  120mm Gun M1 AAA
  Bofors 40mm
  M1 PACK Howitzer
  M5 3" Anti-Tank Gun
  M114 155mm Howitzer
  M115 8" Howitzer
  M21 4.5" Rocket Projector
  M45 Quadmount (Maxson) AAA
  M59 (M2 Long Tom) 155mm Field Gun
  Oerlikon 20mm Anti-Aircraft Gun
  Ordnance BL 5.5" Field Gun
  Ordnance QF 17-pdr Anti-Tank Gun
  Rock Island Arsenal M101 105mm Howitzer

  Warships & Submarines
  HMAS Anzac (D59)
  HMS Belfast (C35)
  HMS Unicorn (I72)
  LCVP (Higgins Boat)
  USS Antietam (CV-36)
  USS Antietam (CV-36)
  USS Bon Homme Richard (CV-31)
  USS Bowfin (SS-287)
  USS Essex (CV-9)
  USS Fletcher (DD-445)
  USS Hornet (CV-12)
  USS Iowa (BB-61)
  USS John C. Butler (DE-339)
  USS Kearsarge (CV-33)
  USS Laffey (DD-724)
  USS Lake Champlain (CV-39)
  USS Missouri (BB-63)
  USS New Jersey (BB-62)
  USS Okinawa (LPH-3)
  USS Oriskany (CV-34)
  USS Rochester (CA-124)
  USS Toledo (CA-133)
  USS Wisconsin (BB-64)
  USS Wrangell (AE-12)
North Korea, China and the Soviet Union

  Antonov An-2 (Colt)
  Ilyushin Il-10 (Beast)
  Lavochkin La-9 (Fritz)
  Lavochkin La-11 (Fang)
  Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15 (Fagot)
  Polikarpov Po-2 (Mule)
  Tupolev Tu-2 (Bat)
  Yakovlev Yak-9 (Frank)
  Yakovlev Yak-18 (Max)

  Armor & Vehicles
  BM-8 / BM-13 / BM-31 Katyusha
  BTR-40 Armored Car
  GAZ BA-64 Armored Car
  Su-76 SPG
  T-34 Medium Tank
  T-34/85 Medium Tank
  Technical (Improvised Vehicle)
  Type 85 Ha-Go

  Small Arms
  Arisaka Type 44 Cavalry Carbine
  Arisaka Type 97 Sniper Rifle
  Arisaka Type 99 Service Rifle
  Ceska Zbrojovka vz.26 LMG
  Degtyarev DP LMG
  Degtyarev KPV-14.5 HMG
  Degtyarev PTRD 1941 AT Rifle
  DShK Model 1938 HMG
  Goryunov SG-43 HMG
  M1938 120mm Mortar
  M1941 82mm Mortar
  M1941 82mm Mortar
  Mauser C96 Pistol
  Mondragon Rifle
  Nagant Model 1895 Revolver
  PPSh-41 SMG
  PM Model 1910 HMG
  Simonov PTRS 1941 AT Rifle
  StG 44 / MP44 Assault Rifle
  Tokarev SVT-40 Self-Loading Rifle
  Tokarev TT-33 Service Pistol
  Type 24 (Chiang Kai-Shek) Rifle
  Type 92 Shiki Kikanju LMG
  Type 99 LMG

  85mm D-44 Divisional Gun
  KS-19 100mm AAA