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Military Dictionary - Letter Group W

All official U.S. DoD military terms, and their definitions, beginning with the letter W.

  wading crossing
  walking patient
  wanted cargo
  warden system
  war game
  warhead mating
  warhead section
  war materiel procurement capability
  war materiel requirement
  warned exposed
  warned protected
  warning area
  warning net
  warning of attack
  warning of war
  warning order
  warning red
  warning shots
  warning white
  warning yellow
  war reserve materiel requirement
  war reserve materiel requirement, balance
  war reserve materiel requirement, protectable
  war reserve (nuclear)
  war reserves
  war reserve stock
  war reserve stocks for allies
  wartime load
  wartime manpower planning system
  wartime reserve modes
  watching mine
  waterspace management
  water terminal
  wave crest
  wave height
  wave length
  wave period
  wave trough
  wave velocity
  way point
  weapon and payload identification
  weapon debris (nuclear)
  weapon engagement zone
  weapons assignment
  weapons free zone
  weapons of mass destruction
  weapons readiness state
  weapons recommendation sheet
  weapons state of readiness
  weapon(s) system
  weapon system employment concept
  weapon system video
  weapon-target line
  weather central
  weather deck
  weather minimum
  weight and balance sheet
  wheel load capacity
  white cap
  white propaganda
  Wilson cloud
  wind shear
  wind velocity
  withdrawal operation
  withhold (nuclear)
  working anchorage
  working capital fund
  work order
  world geographic reference system
  Worldwide Port System
  wounded in action
  wreckage locator chart