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Military Dictionary - Letter Group V

All official U.S. DoD military terms, and their definitions, beginning with the letter V.

  valuable cargo
  value engineering
  variable safety level
  vectored attack
  vehicle-borne improvised explosive device
  vehicle cargo
  vehicle distance
  vehicle summary and priority table
  vertex height
  vertical air photograph
  vertical and/or short takeoff and landing
  vertical envelopment
  vertical interval
  vertical landing zone
  vertical loading
  vertical probable error
  vertical replenishment
  vertical separation
  vertical strip
  vertical takeoff and landing aircraft
  vertical takeoff and landing aircraft transport area
  very seriously ill or injured
  very small aperture terminal
  vesicant agent
  visibility range
  visual call sign
  visual information
  visual information documentation
  visual meteorological conditions
  visual mine firing indicator
  vital area
  vital ground
  voice call sign
  Voluntary Intermodal Sealift Agreement
  voluntary tanker agreement
  voluntary training
  voluntary training unit
  vulnerability assessment
  vulnerability program
  vulnerability study
  vulnerable area
  vulnerable node
  vulnerable point