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Military Dictionary - Letter Group U

All official U.S. DoD military terms, and their definitions, beginning with the letter U.

  ultraviolet imagery
  unaccounted for
  unanticipated immediate targets
  uncertain environment
  uncharged demolition target
  unclassified matter
  unconventional assisted recovery
  unconventional assisted recovery coordination center
  unconventional assisted recovery mechanism
  unconventional recovery operation
  unconventional warfare
  unconventional warfare forces
  undersea warfare
  understowed cargo
  underwater demolition
  underwater demolition team
  underway replenishment
  underway replenishment force
  underway replenishment group
  unexpended weapons or ordnance
  unexploded explosive ordnance
  unified action
  Unified Action Armed Forces
  unified combatant command
  unified command
  Unified Command Plan
  uniformed services
  unilateral arms control measure
  unintentional radiation exploitation
  unintentional radiation intelligence
  uni-Service command
  unit aircraft
  unit combat readiness
  unit commitment status
  unit designation list
  United States
  United States Armed Forces
  United States Civilian Internee Information Center
  United States controlled shipping
  United States message text format
  United States Military Service-funded foreign training
  United States Naval Ship
  United States Prisoner of War Information Center
  United States Signals Intelligence System
  United States Transportation Command
  unit identification code
  unitized load
  unit line number
  unit loading
  unit movement control center
  unit of issue
  unit movement data
  unit personnel and tonnage table
  unit price
  unit readiness
  unit-related equipment and supplies
  unit reserves
  unit training assembly
  unit type code
  Universal Joint Task List
  universal polar stereographic grid
  Universal Postal Union
  Universal Time
  universal transverse mercator grid
  unlimited war
  unmanned aerial vehicle
  unplanned immediate targets
  unpremeditated expansion of a war
  unscheduled convoy phase
  unwanted cargo
  unwarned exposed
  urban triad
  urgent mining
  urgent priority
  US commercial assets
  use of force policy
  US Defense Representative
  US forces
  US national
  US person
  US Transportation Command coordinating instructions