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Military Dictionary - Letter Group T

All official U.S. DoD military terms, and their definitions, beginning with the letter T.

  table of allowance
  TABOO frequencies
  tacit arms control agreement
  tactical aeromedical evacuation
  tactical air command center
  tactical air commander (ashore)
  tactical air control center
  tactical air control party
  tactical air coordinator (airborne)
  tactical air direction center
  tactical airfield fuel dispensing system
  tactical air groups (shore-based)
  tactical air officer (afloat)
  tactical air operation
  tactical air operations center
  tactical air reconnaissance
  tactical air support
  tactical air support element
  tactical air transport operations
  tactical assembly area
  tactical call sign
  tactical combat force
  tactical concept
  tactical control
  tactical deception group
  tactical digital information link
  tactical diversion
  tactical event system
  tactical exploitation of national capabilities
  tactical information processing and interpretation system
  tactical intelligence
  tactical intelligence and related activities
  tactical level of war
  tactical loading
  tactical locality
  tactical-logistical group
  tactical map
  tactical minefield
  tactical mining
  tactical nuclear weapon employment
  tactical obstacles
  tactical operations center
  tactical questioning
  tactical range
  tactical reserve
  tactical security
  tactical sub-concept
  tactical transport aircraft
  tactical troops
  tactical unit
  tactical vehicle
  tactical warning
  tactical warning and assessment
  tactical warning and attack assessment
  Tanker Airlift Control Center
  tanker airlift control element
  tare weight
  target acquisition
  target analysis
  target approach point
  target area of interest
  target area survey base
  target array
  target audience
  target base line
  target bearing
  target classification
  target complex
  target component
  target concentration
  target critical damage point
  target data inventory
  target date
  target discrimination
  target dossier
  target folder
  target information center
  targeting effects
  target intelligence
  target list
  target materials
  target nomination list
  target of opportunity
  target overlay
  target pattern
  target priority
  target range
  target response (nuclear)
  target signature
  target stress point
  target system
  target system assessment
  target system component
  task component
  task element
  task force
  task group
  tasking order
  task organization
  task unit
  tear line
  technical analysis
  technical architecture
  technical assistance
  technical characteristics
  technical documentation
  technical escort
  technical evaluation
  technical information
  technical intelligence
  technical operational intelligence
  technical review authority
  technical specification
  technical supply operations
  technical surveillance countermeasures
  technical survey
  telecommunications center
  television imagery
  temperature gradient
  temporary interment
  terminal attack control
  terminal clearance capacity
  terminal control
  terminal control area
  terminal guidance
  terminal operations
  terminal phase
  terminal velocity
  termination criteria
  terms of reference
  terrain analysis
  terrain avoidance system
  terrain clearance system
  terrain exercise
  terrain flight
  terrain following system
  terrain intelligence
  terrain study
  terrestrial environment
  terrestrial reference guidance
  territorial airspace
  territorial sea
  terrorist group
  terrorist threat level
  test depth
  theater airlift
  theater-assigned transportation assets
  theater distribution
  theater distribution management
  theater distribution system
  theater missile
  theater of operations
  theater of war
  theater strategic environment
  theater strategy
  theater support contractors
  thermal crossover
  thermal energy
  thermal exposure
  thermal imagery
  thermal pulse
  thermal radiation
  thermal shadow
  thermal X-rays
  thermonuclear weapon
  thorough decontamination
  threat analysis
  threat and vulnerability assessment
  threat identification and assessment
  threat-oriented munitions
  threat warning
  tie down diagram
  tie down point
  tie down point pattern
  tilt angle
  time and frequency standard
  time-definite delivery
  time fuze
  time interval
  time of attack
  time of delivery
  time of flight
  time of origin
  time of receipt
  time on target
  time over target conflict
  time over target (nuclear)
  time-phased force and deployment data
  time-phased force and deployment data maintenance
  time-phased force and deployment data refinement
  time-phased force and deployment list
  time-sensitive targets
  time slot
  time to target
  title block
  TNT equivalent
  tolerance dose
  tone down
  topographic base
  topographic engineering
  topographic map
  top secret
  torpedo defense net
  toss bombing
  total active aircraft authorization
  total active aircraft inventory
  total asset visibility
  total dosage attack
  total materiel assets
  total materiel requirement
  total mobilization
  total overall aircraft inventory
  total pressure
  touchdown zone
  toxic chemical
  toxic chemical, biological, or radiological attack
  toxin agent
  track correlation
  track management
  track of interest
  track production area
  track symbology
  track telling
  traffic circulation map
  traffic control police
  traffic density
  traffic flow
  traffic flow security
  traffic information (radar)
  traffic management
  traffic pattern
  trained strength in units
  train headway
  training aids
  training and readiness oversight
  training and retirement category
  training-pay category
  training period
  training pipeline
  training unit
  train path
  transattack period
  transfer loader
  transient forces
  transit area
  transit bearing
  transition altitude
  transition layer
  transition level
  transit passage
  transit route
  transit zone
  transmission factor (nuclear)
  transmission security
  transport aircraft
  transport area
  transportation closure
  transportation component command
  transportation emergency
  transportation feasibility
  transportation movement requirement
  transportation operating agencies
  transportation priorities
  transportation system
  transport control center (air transport)
  transport group
  transporting (ordnance)
  transshipment point
  traverse level
  traverse racking test load value
  triangulation station
  tri-camera photography
  trig list
  triple point
  troop basis
  troop safety (nuclear)
  troop space cargo
  troop test
  tropical storm
  true airspeed indicator
  true altitude
  true bearing
  true convergence
  true horizon
  true north
  turnaround cycle
  turning movement
  turning point
  turn-off guidance
  two-person control
  two-person rule
  types of burst
  type unit
  type unit data file