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Military Dictionary - Letter Group S

All official U.S. DoD military terms, and their definitions, beginning with the letter S.

  sabotage alert team
  safe anchorage
  safe area
  safe burst height
  safe current
  safe depth
  safe distance
  safe haven
  safe house
  safe separation distance
  safety and arming mechanism
  safety device
  safety distance
  safety fuze
  safety height
  safety lane
  safety level of supply
  safety line
  safety wire
  safety zone
  safing and arming mechanism
  salted weapon
  salvage group
  salvage operation
  sanction enforcement
  satellite and missile surveillance
  S-bend distortion
  scale (photographic)
  scaling law
  scan line
  scan period
  scan rate
  scan type
  scatterable mine
  scene of action commander
  scheduled arrival date
  scheduled fire
  scheduled maintenance
  scheduled service (air transport)
  scheduled speed
  scheduled targets
  scheduled target (nuclear)
  scheduled wave
  schedule of fire
  schedule of targets
  scheduling and movement
  scheduling and movement capability
  scheme of maneuver
  scientific and technical intelligence
  scientific intelligence
  screening group
  S-curve distortion
  sea-air-land team
  sea areas
  sea barge
  seaborne forces
  sea control operations
  sea echelon
  sea echelon area
  sea echelon plan
  sea frontier
  sealed cabin
  sealift enhancement features
  Sealift Readiness Program
  search and rescue
  search and rescue alert notice
  search and rescue mission coordinator
  search and rescue region
  search attack unit
  searched channel
  searching fire
  search jammer
  search mission
  search radius
  search sweeping
  sea state
  sea surveillance
  sea surveillance system
  seaward launch point
  seaward recovery point
  secondary censorship
  secondary imagery dissemination
  secondary imagery dissemination system
  secondary loads
  secondary port
  secondary road
  secondary wave breaker system
  second strike
  Secretary of a Military Department
  SECRET Internet Protocol Router Network
  sector of fire
  sector scan
  security alert team
  security assistance
  security assistance organization
  security certification
  security classification
  security clearance
  security cooperation
  security cooperation activity
  security countermeasures
  security intelligence
  security review
  selected area for evasion
  selected area for evasion area intelligence description
  Selected Reserve
  Selected Reserve strength
  selective identification feature
  selective jamming
  selective loading
  selective mobilization
  selective release process
  selective unloading
  self-destroying fuze
  self-protection depth
  self-sustaining containership
  semi-active homing guidance
  semi-controlled mosaic
  semi-permanent joint task force
  senior meteorological and oceanographic officer
  senior officer present afloat
  sensitive compartmented information
  sensitive compartmented information facility
  sensitive site exploitation
  separation zone
  sequence circuit
  sequenced ejection system
  serial assignment table
  seriously ill or injured
  seriously wounded
  service ammunition
  Service component command
  service environment
  Service force module
  service group
  service mine
  Service-organic transportation assets
  service squadron
  service test
  service troops
  Service-unique container
  severe damage
  shaded relief
  shallow fording
  shaped charge
  shared data environment
  shear link assembly
  sheet explosive
  shelf life
  shell (specify)
  shifting fire
  ship counter
  ship haven
  ship influence
  shipping configuration
  shipping control
  shipping designator
  shipping lane
  shipping time
  ship-to-shore movement
  shock front
  shore fire control party
  shoreline effect
  shore party
  shore-to-shore movement
  short-range air defense engagement zone
  short-range ballistic missile
  short-range transport aircraft
  short scope buoy
  short supply
  short takeoff and landing
  short takeoff and vertical landing aircraft
  short title
  short ton
  show of force
  shuttered fuze
  side-looking airborne radar
  side oblique air photograph
  side overlap
  SIGINT direct service
  SIGINT direct service activity
  SIGINT direct support
  SIGINT direct support unit
  SIGINT operational control
  SIGINT operational tasking
  SIGINT operational tasking authority
  SIGINT resources
  SIGINT support plans
  signal center
  signal letters
  signal operation instructions
  signal security
  signals intelligence
  signal-to-noise ratio
  signature equipment
  signed route
  significant wave height
  Silver Triangle
  simulative electromagnetic deception
  simultaneous engagement
  single-anchor leg mooring
  single department purchase
  single flow route
  single integrated theater logistic manager
  single manager
  single manager for transportation
  single port manager
  single-service manager
  single-spot ship
  situation map
  situation report
  situation template
  skim sweeping
  skin paint
  skin tracking
  slant range
  slated items
  slightly wounded
  small arms
  small arms ammunition
  small austere airfield
  small-lot storage
  small-scale map
  smoke screen
  snagline mine
  soft missile base
  soil shear strength
  solatium payments
  solenoid sweep
  sortie allotment message
  sortie number
  sortie plot
  sortie reference
  source registry
  space asset
  space assignment
  space available mail
  space capability
  space control
  space environment
  space-faring nation
  space force application
  space force enhancement
  space forces
  space power
  space sensor
  space superiority
  space support
  space support team
  space surveillance
  space systems
  space weather
  span of detonation (atomic demolition munition employment)
  special access program
  special activities
  special agent
  special air operation
  special ammunition supply point
  special assignment airlift requirements
  special boat squadron
  special boat team
  special cargo
  special-equipment vehicle
  special forces
  special forces group
  special forces operations base
  special hazard
  special information operations
  special interest target
  specialist intelligence report
  special mission unit
  special operations
  special operations combat control team
  special operations command
  special operations command and control element
  special operations forces
  special operations liaison element
  special operations mission planning folder
  special operations naval mobile environment team
  special operations-peculiar
  special operations terminal attack controller
  special operations weather team/tactical element
  special operations wing
  special (or project) equipment
  special purpose Marine air-ground task force
  special-purpose vehicle
  special reconnaissance
  special staff
  special tactics
  special tactics team
  special unloading berth
  special weapons
  specific intelligence collection requirement
  specific search
  specified combatant command
  specified command
  spectrozonal photography
  speed of advance
  speed of sound
  spin stabilization
  split cameras
  split pair
  split vertical photography
  spoiling attack
  spot elevation
  spot jamming
  spot net
  spot report
  spot size
  spotting line
  spray dome
  spreader bar
  spreading fire
  stability operations
  stabilized glide slope indicator
  stabilized patient
  stable base film
  stable patient
  staff estimates
  staff supervision
  staged crews
  staging area
  staging base
  standard advanced base units
  standard operating procedure
  standard parallel
  standard pattern
  standard positioning system
  standard route
  standard unit
  standard use Army aircraft flight route
  Standby Reserve
  stand fast
  standing joint force headquarters
  standing operating procedure
  standing order
  state and regional defense airlift
  stateless person
  state of readiness
  state of readiness--state 1--safe
  state of readiness--state 2--armed
  static air temperature
  static line (air transport)
  static line cable
  static marking
  station authentication
  station time
  status-of-forces agreement
  stay behind
  stay behind force
  stellar guidance
  stepped-up separation
  stereographic coverage
  stick (air transport)
  stick commander (air transport)
  stockage objective
  stock control
  stock coordination
  stock level
  Stock Number
  stockpile to target sequence
  stock record account
  storage life
  storage or stowage
  stowage diagram
  stowage factor
  stowage plan
  strategic advantage
  strategic airlift
  strategic air transport
  strategic air transport operations
  strategic air warfare
  strategic communication
  strategic concentration
  strategic concept
  strategic estimate
  strategic intelligence
  strategic level of war
  strategic map
  strategic material (critical)
  strategic mining
  strategic mission
  strategic mobility
  strategic plan
  strategic psychological activities
  strategic sealift
  strategic sealift forces
  strategic sealift shipping
  strategic transport aircraft
  strategic vulnerability
  strategic warning
  strategic warning lead time
  strategic warning post-decision time
  strategic warning pre-decision time
  strategy determination
  stretch out
  strike photography
  strip marker
  strip plot
  strong point
  structured message text
  subkiloton weapon
  submarine operating authority
  submarine operations area
  submarine patrol area
  subordinate command
  subordinate unified command
  subsidiary landing
  substitute transport-type vehicle
  subunified command
  subversion of Department of Defense personnel
  subversive activity
  subversive political action
  sun-synchronous orbit
  supervised route
  supplementary facilities
  supply by air
  supply chain
  supply chain management
  supply control
  supplying ship
  supply management
  supply point
  supply support activity
  supply transaction reporting
  support agency
  supported commander
  supporting aircraft
  supporting arms
  supporting arms coordination center
  supporting artillery
  supporting attack
  supporting commander
  supporting fire
  supporting forces
  supporting operations
  supporting plan
  support items
  support to counterinsurgency
  support to insurgency
  suppression mission
  suppression of enemy air defenses
  suppressive fire
  surface action group
  surface code
  surface combatant
  Surface Deployment and Distribution Command
  surface smuggling event
  surface-to-air guided missile
  surface-to-air missile envelope
  surface-to-air missile installation
  surface-to-air missile site
  surface-to-air weapon
  surface-to-surface guided missile
  surface warfare
  surface zero
  surf line
  surf zone
  surplus property
  surprise dosage attack
  surveillance approach
  survey control point
  survey information center
  survey, liaison, and reconnaissance party
  survey photography
  suspension equipment
  suspension strop
  sustained attrition minefield
  sustained rate of fire
  sustaining stocks
  sweep jamming
  swept path
  switch horn
  sympathetic detonation
  synchronized clock
  synchronous orbit
  synthetic exercise
  systems architecture
  systems design
  systems support contractors