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Military Dictionary - Letter Group R

All official U.S. DoD military terms, and their definitions, beginning with the letter R.

  radar advisory
  radar altimetry area
  radar beacon
  radar camouflage
  radar clutter
  radar countermeasures
  radar coverage
  radar danning
  radar deception
  radar exploitation report
  radar fire
  radar guardship
  radar horizon
  radar imagery
  radar intelligence
  radar netting
  radar netting station
  radar netting unit
  radar picket
  radar reconnaissance
  radarscope overlay
  radarscope photography
  radar signal film
  radar silence
  radar spoking
  radar tracking station
  radial displacement
  radiant exposure
  radiation dose
  radiation dose rate
  radiation exposure state
  radiation exposure status
  radiation intelligence
  radiation intensity
  radiation scattering
  radiation sickness
  radioactive decay
  radioactive decay curve
  radioactive decay rate
  radioactivity concentration guide
  radio and wire integration
  radio approach aids
  radio beacon
  radio countermeasures
  radio deception
  radio detection
  radio direction finding
  radio direction finding database
  radio fix
  radio guard
  radiological defense
  radiological environment
  radiological monitoring
  radiological operation
  radiological survey
  radiological survey flight altitude
  radio magnetic indicator
  radio navigation
  radio range finding
  radio range station
  radio silence
  radio telegraphy
  radio telephony
  radius of action
  radius of damage
  radius of integration
  radius of safety
  railway line capacity
  railway loading ramp
  rainfall (nuclear)
  random minelaying
  range marker
  range markers
  range spread
  rapid global mobility
  rated load
  rate of fire
  rate of march
  ration dense
  ratio print
  reaction time
  readiness condition
  readiness planning
  ready position
  Ready Reserve
  ready-to-load date
  reallocation authority
  real property
  real time
  rear area
  rear area operations center/rear tactical operations center
  rear echelon
  rear guard
  reattack recommendation
  receipt into the supply system
  receiving ship
  recognition signal
  recompression chamber
  reconnaissance by fire
  reconnaissance exploitation report
  reconnaissance in force
  reconnaissance patrol
  reconnaissance photography
  reconstitution site
  record information
  recoverable item
  recovery activation signal
  recovery airfield
  recovery and reconstitution
  recovery force
  recovery operations
  recovery procedures
  recovery site
  recovery vehicle
  recovery zone
  recurring demand
  redeployment airfield
  reduced charge
  reduced lighting
  reduced operating status
  reduction (photographic)
  reentry phase
  reentry vehicle
  reference datum
  reference diversion point
  reference point
  reflected shock wave
  reflex sight
  refuge area
  regimental landing team
  regional satellite communications support center
  regional security officer
  registration fire
  registration point
  regular drill
  regulated item
  regulating point
  regulating station
  rehearsal phase
  reinforcement training unit
  reinforcing obstacles
  relateral tell
  relative altitude
  relative bearing
  relative biological effectiveness
  release altitude
  release point (road)
  releasing commander (nuclear weapons)
  releasing officer
  reliability diagram
  reliability of source
  relief in place
  religious support
  religious support plan
  religious support team
  relocatable building
  remain-behind equipment
  remaining forces
  remote delivery
  remotely piloted vehicle
  render safe procedures
  rendezvous area
  reorder cycle
  reorder point
  repair and restoration
  repair cycle
  repair cycle aircraft
  reparable item
  replacement demand
  replacement factor
  replenishment at sea
  reported unit
  reporting post
  reporting time interval
  representative downwind direction
  representative downwind speed
  representative fraction
  request for information
  request modify
  required delivery date
  required supply rate (ammunition)
  requirements capability
  requirements management system
  requisitioning objective
  rescue combat air patrol
  rescue coordination center
  rescue ship
  reserve aircraft
  reserve component category
  Reserve Components
  reserved demolition target
  reserved obstacles
  reserved route
  reserve supplies
  residual capabilities assessment
  residual contamination
  residual forces
  residual radiation
  residual radioactivity
  resistance movement
  resource management operations
  response force
  rest and recuperation
  restitution factor
  restorative and rehabilitative care
  restraint of loads
  restricted area
  restricted areas (air)
  restricted dangerous air cargo
  restricted data
  restricted items list
  restricted operations area
  restricted target list
  restricted targets
  restrictive fire area
  restrictive fire line
  restrictive fire plan
  resuscitative care
  retained personnel
  Retired Reserve
  retrofit action
  retrograde cargo
  retrograde movement
  retrograde operation
  retrograde personnel
  returned to military control
  return load
  return to base
  revolving fund
  riding off
  right (left) bank
  right (or left)
  riot control agent
  riot control operations
  rising mine
  risk assessment
  risk management
  riverine area
  riverine operations
  road block
  road capacity
  road clearance time
  road hazard sign
  road net
  road space
  rocket propulsion
  roentgen equivalent mammal
  role number
  role specialist nation
  roll back
  roll-on/roll-off discharge facility
  rough terrain container handler
  route capacity
  route classification
  route lanes
  routine message
  routine supplies
  routing indicator
  row marker
  rules for the use of force
  rules of engagement
  runway visual range
  rupture zone