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Military Dictionary - Letter Group O

All official U.S. DoD military terms, and their definitions, beginning with the letter O.

  objective area
  objective force level
  obligated reservist
  oblique air photograph
  oblique air photograph strip
  observation helicopter
  observation post
  observed fire
  observed fire procedure
  observer-target line
  observer-target range
  obstacle belt
  obstacle clearing
  obstacle restricted areas
  obstacle zone
  occupational and environmental health threats
  occupation currency
  occupied territory
  Ocean Cargo Clearance Authority
  ocean convoy
  ocean manifest
  ocean station ship
  offensive counterair
  offensive counterair attack operations
  offensive minefield
  officer in tactical command
  officer of the deck
  official information
  off-load preparation party
  offset bombing
  offset costs
  offset distance (nuclear)
  offset lasing
  offshore assets
  offshore bulk fuel system
  offshore patrol
  offshore petroleum discharge system
  off-the-shelf item
  on berth
  on-call resupply
  on-call targets
  on-call target (nuclear)
  on-call wave
  one day’s supply
  one-look circuit
  on hand
  on-scene commander
  on-station time
  open improved storage space
  open ocean
  open route
  open-source intelligence
  open unimproved wet space
  operating forces
  operating level of supply
  operational architecture
  operational area
  operational art
  operational authority
  operational characteristics
  operational control
  operational control authority
  operational decontamination
  operational design
  operational design element
  operational documentation
  operational environment
  operational evaluation
  operational intelligence
  operational level of war
  operationally ready
  operational necessity
  operational procedures
  operational reach
  operational readiness
  operational readiness evaluation
  operational requirement
  Operational Requirements Document
  operational reserve
  operational route
  operational support airlift
  operational testing
  operational training
  operation and maintenance
  operation annexes
  operation exposure guide
  operation map
  operation order
  operation plan
  operations center
  operations research
  operations security
  operations security indicators
  operations security measures
  operations security planning guidance
  operations security vulnerability
  operations support element
  operations to restore order
  opportune lift
  opportunity target
  opposite numbers
  optical axis
  optical minehunting
  optimum height
  optimum height of burst
  orbital injection
  orbit determination
  orbit point
  order and shipping time
  order of battle
  order time
  ordinary transport
  organizational equipment
  organizational maintenance
  organization for combat
  organization for embarkation
  organization for landing
  organization of the ground
  Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force
  original destination
  original negative
  original positive
  originating medical facility
  oropesa sweep
  orthomorphic projection
  oscillating mine
  other detainee
  other war reserve materiel requirement
  other war reserve materiel requirement, balance
  other war reserve materiel requirement, protectable
  other war reserve stock
  outbound traffic
  outer fix
  outer landing ship areas
  outer transport area
  outline map
  outline plan
  outsized cargo
  overhead clearance
  Overseas Environmental Baseline Guidance Document
  overseas search and rescue region
  oversized cargo
  over the beach operations
  over-the-horizon amphibious operations
  over-the-horizon radar
  overt operation
  overt peacetime psychological operations programs