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Military Dictionary - Letter Group N

All official U.S. DoD military terms, and their definitions, beginning with the letter N.

  named area of interest
  nap-of-the-earth flight
  National Air Mobility System
  national censorship
  National Communications System
  national critical infrastructure and key assets
  national defense area
  National Defense Reserve Fleet
  national defense strategy
  national emergency
  national information infrastructure
  national infrastructure
  national intelligence
  national intelligence estimate
  national intelligence support team
  national intelligence surveys
  National Military Command System
  National Military Joint Intelligence Center
  national military strategy
  national policy
  National Reconnaissance Office
  national security
  National Security Agency/Central Security Service Representative
  National Security Council
  national security interests
  national security strategy
  national shipping authority
  National Stock Number
  national support element
  nation assistance
  natural disaster
  nautical chart
  nautical mile
  nautical plotting chart
  naval advanced logistic support site
  naval base
  naval beach group
  naval coastal warfare
  naval coastal warfare commander
  naval construction force
  naval coordination and protection of shipping
  naval coordination and protection of shipping officer
  naval coordination and protection of shipping organization
  naval expeditionary warfare
  naval forward logistic site
  naval gunfire operations center
  naval gunfire spotting team
  naval gunfire support
  naval mobile environmental team
  naval operation
  naval or Marine (air) base
  naval port control office
  naval special warfare
  naval special warfare forces
  naval special warfare group
  naval special warfare special operations component
  naval special warfare task element
  naval special warfare task group
  naval special warfare task unit
  naval special warfare unit
  naval stores
  naval support area
  naval surface fire support
  naval tactical data system
  navigational grid
  navigation head
  navigation mode
  Navy cargo handling battalion
  Navy cargo handling force
  Navy special operations component
  Navy support element
  Navy tactical air control center
  Navy-unique fleet essential aircraft
  near miss (aircraft)
  near real time
  need to know
  negative phase of the shock wave
  negative photo plane
  negligible risk (nuclear)
  nerve agent
  net call sign
  net, chain, cell system
  net (communications)
  net control station
  net explosive weight
  net inventory assets
  net sweep
  net weight
  network operations
  neutralization fire
  neutral state
  neutron induced activity
  news media representative
  night effect
  night vision device
  night vision goggle(s)
  no-fire area
  no-fire line
  nominal filter
  nominal focal length
  nominal scale
  nominal weapon
  nonair transportable
  nonaligned state
  nonappropriated funds
  nonbattle injury
  noncombatant evacuation operations
  noncombatant evacuees
  noncontiguous facility
  nondeferrable issue demand
  nondeployable account
  nondestructive electronic warfare
  nonexpendable supplies and materiel
  nonfixed medical treatment facility
  nongovernmental organization
  nonhostile casualty
  nonlethal weapons
  non-linear approach
  nonorganic transportation requirement
  nonpersistent agent
  nonprecision approach
  nonprior service personnel
  nonrecurring demand
  non-registered publication
  nonscheduled units
  non-self-sustaining containership
  nonstandard item
  nonstandard unit
  nonstocked item
  nonstrategic nuclear forces
  non-submarine contact chart
  non-unit record
  non-unit-related cargo
  non-unit-related personnel
  non-US forces
  normal charge
  normal impact effect
  normal intelligence reports
  normal lighting
  normal operations
  North American Aerospace Defense Command
  no-strike list
  notice to airmen
  notional ship
  not mission capable, maintenance
  not mission capable, supply
  not seriously injured
  no-wind position
  nuclear accident
  nuclear airburst
  nuclear, biological, and chemical-capable nation
  nuclear, biological, and chemical conditions
  nuclear, biological, and chemical defense
  nuclear, biological, and chemical environment
  nuclear bonus effects
  nuclear burst
  nuclear certifiable
  nuclear certified
  nuclear certified delivery unit
  nuclear certified delivery vehicle
  nuclear cloud
  nuclear collateral damage
  nuclear column
  nuclear commitment
  nuclear contact surface burst
  nuclear coordination
  nuclear damage
  nuclear damage assessment
  nuclear defense
  nuclear delivery unit
  nuclear delivery vehicle
  nuclear detonation detection and reporting system
  nuclear dud
  nuclear energy
  nuclear exoatmospheric burst
  nuclear incident
  nuclear intelligence
  nuclear logistic movement
  nuclear nation
  nuclear parity
  nuclear planning system
  nuclear proximity-surface burst
  nuclear radiation
  nuclear reactor
  nuclear round
  nuclear safety line
  nuclear stalemate
  nuclear strike warning
  nuclear support
  nuclear transmutation
  nuclear underground burst
  nuclear underwater burst
  nuclear vulnerability assessment
  nuclear warfare
  nuclear warning message
  nuclear weapon
  nuclear weapon degradation
  nuclear weapon employment time
  nuclear weapon exercise
  nuclear weapon maneuver
  nuclear weapon(s) accident
  nuclear weapons state
  nuclear weapons surety
  nuclear yields
  nuisance minefield
  number . . . in (out)
  numbered beach
  numbered fleet
  numbered wave
  numerical scale