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Military Dictionary - Letter Group M

All official U.S. DoD military terms, and their definitions, beginning with the letter M.

  mach number
  magnetic bearing
  magnetic circuit
  magnetic compass
  magnetic declination
  magnetic equator
  magnetic mine
  magnetic minehunting
  magnetic north
  magnetic tape
  magnetic variation
  mail embargo
  main airfield
  main armament
  main attack
  main attack
  main battle area
  main convoy
  main deck
  main detonating line
  main line of resistance
  main operating base
  main operations base
  main supply route
  maintenance area
  maintenance engineering
  maintenance (materiel)
  maintenance status
  major combat element
  major disaster
  major fleet
  major force
  major nuclear power
  major operation
  major weapon system
  make safe
  management and control system (mobility)
  maneuverable reentry vehicle
  manipulative electromagnetic deception
  man portable
  manpower management
  manpower management survey
  manpower requirements
  manpower resources
  man space
  man transportable
  map chart
  map convergence
  map exercise
  map index
  mapping camera
  map reference
  map reference code
  map series
  map sheet
  marginal data
  marginal information
  marginal weather
  Marine air command and control system
  Marine air-ground task force
  Marine base
  Marine division and wing team
  marine environment
  Marine expeditionary brigade
  Marine expeditionary force
  Marine expeditionary force (forward)
  Marine expeditionary unit
  Marine expeditionary unit (special operations capable)
  Marine Logistics Command
  Maritime Administration Ready Reserve Force
  maritime control area
  maritime defense sector
  maritime domain
  maritime domain awareness
  maritime forces
  maritime interception operations
  maritime power projection
  maritime pre-positioning force operation
  maritime pre-positioning ships
  maritime search and rescue region
  maritime special purpose force
  maritime superiority
  maritime supremacy
  marker ship
  marking error
  marking fire
  marking panel
  married failure
  marshalling area
  mass casualty
  massed fire
  master air attack plan
  master film
  master plot
  materials handling
  materials handling equipment
  materiel cognizance
  materiel control
  materiel inventory objective
  materiel management
  materiel pipeline
  materiel planning
  materiel readiness
  materiel release confirmation
  materiel release order
  materiel requirements
  maximum effective range
  maximum elevation figure
  maximum enlisted amount
  maximum landing weight
  maximum operating depth
  maximum ordinate
  maximum permissible concentration
  maximum permissible dose
  maximum range
  maximum sustained speed
  maximum take-off weight
  M-day force materiel requirement
  mean lethal dose
  mean line of advance
  mean point of burst
  mean point of impact
  mean sea level
  means of transport
  measured mile
  measurement and signature intelligence
  Measurement and Signature Intelligence Requirements System
  measurement ton
  measure of effectiveness
  measure of performance
  mechanical sweep
  median incapacitating dose
  media pool
  medical evacuees
  medical intelligence
  medical officer
  medical regulating
  medical surveillance
  medical treatment facility
  medium-angle loft bombing
  medium artillery
  medium-lot storage
  medium-range ballistic missile
  medium-range bomber aircraft
  medium-range transport aircraft
  medium-scale map
  meeting engagement
  megaton weapon
  merchant convoy
  merchant intelligence
  merchant ship
  merchant ship casualty report
  merchant ship communications system
  merchant ship control zone
  merchant ship reporting and control message system
  mercomms system
  message center
  message (telecommunications)
  meteorological and oceanographic
  Meteorological and Oceanographic Forecast Center
  meteorological data
  midcourse guidance
  midcourse phase
  militarily significant fallout
  Military Affiliate Radio System
  military assistance advisory group
  Military Assistance Articles and Services List
  military assistance for civil disturbances
  Military Assistance Program
  MilitaryAssistance Program training
  military assistance to civil authorities
  military capability
  military characteristics
  military civic action
  military construction
  military container moved via ocean
  military convoy
  military currency
  military damage assessment
  military deception
  Military Department
  military designed vehicle
  military education
  military engagement
  military geographic documentation
  military geographic information
  military geography
  military government
  military government ordinance
  military governor
  military grid
  military grid reference system
  military independent
  military intelligence
  Military Intelligence Board
  Military Intelligence Integrated Data System/Integrated Database
  military intervention
  military journalist
  military land transportation resources
  military load classification
  military necessity
  military nuclear power
  military occupation
  military options
  military ordinary mail
  military payment certificate
  military performance specification container
  military post office
  military postal clerk
  Military Postal Service
  Military Postal Service Agency
  military posture
  military requirement
  military resources
  Military Sealift Command
  Military Sealift Command-controlled ships
  Military Sealift Command force
  Military Service
  military source operations
  military standard requisitioning and issue procedure
  military standard transportation and movement procedures
  military support to civil authorities
  military support to civilian law enforcement agencies
  military symbol
  military technician
  military traffic
  military training
  military van (container)
  MILSPEC container
  MILVAN chassis
  mineable waters
  mine clearance
  mine countermeasures
  mined area
  mine defense
  mine disposal
  minefield breaching
  minefield density
  minefield lane
  minefield marking
  minefield record
  minefield report
  mine row
  mine spotting
  mine strip
  mine warfare
  mine warfare chart
  mine warfare forces (naval)
  mine warfare group
  mine weapons
  minimum aircraft operating surface
  minimum attack altitude
  minimum crossing altitude
  minimum essential equipment
  minimum force
  minimum nuclear safe distance
  minimum nuclear warning time
  minimum obstruction clearance altitude
  minimum operating strip
  minimum range
  minimum reception altitude
  minimum residual radioactivity weapon
  minimum-risk route
  minimum safe altitude
  minor control
  minor installation
  minor port
  missed approach
  missile assembly-checkout facility
  missile control system
  missile destruct
  missile destruct system
  missile guidance system
  missile release line
  missing in action
  mission cycle
  mission-essential materiel
  mission needs statement
  mission-oriented items
  mission-oriented protective posture
  mission-oriented protective posture gear
  mission review report (photographic interpretation)
  mission specific data sets
  mission type order
  mixed bag
  mixed minefield
  mobile defense
  mobile inshore undersea warfare unit
  mobile mine
  mobile security force
  mobile support group (naval)
  mobile training team
  Mobility Air Forces
  mobility analysis
  mobility corridor
  mobility echelon
  mobility system support resources
  mobilization base
  mobilization exercise
  mobilization reserves
  mobilization site
  mobilization staff officer
  mobilization station
  mode (identification, friend or foe)
  mode of transport
  Modernized Integrated Database
  modified combined obstacle overlay
  monitoring service
  moored mine
  mopping up
  mortuary affairs
  most capable Service or agency
  motorized unit
  mounting area
  movement control
  movement control center
  movement control post
  movement control team
  movement credit
  movement directive
  movement group
  movement order
  movement phase
  movement plan
  movement report control center
  movement report system
  movement requirement
  movement restriction
  movement schedule
  movement table
  movement to contact
  moving havens
  moving map display
  moving mine
  moving submarine haven
  moving surface ship haven
  moving target indicator
  multinational doctrine
  multinational exercise
  multinational force
  multinational force commander
  multinational integrated logistic support
  multinational integrated logistic support unit
  multinational logistics
  multinational logistic support arrangement
  multinational operations
  multinational staff
  multinational warfare
  multiple drill
  multiple inactive duty training periods
  multiple reentry vehicle
  multiple unit training assemblies
  multiple warning phenomenology
  multi-point refueling system
  multi-Service publication
  multi-spectral imagery
  multi-spot ship
  munitions effectiveness assessment
  mutual support
  muzzle brake
  muzzle compensator
  muzzle velocity