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Military Dictionary - Letter Group L

All official U.S. DoD military terms, and their definitions, beginning with the letter L.

  land control operations
  land forces
  landing aid
  landing approach
  landing area
  landing attack
  landing beach
  landing craft
  landing craft and amphibious vehicle assignment table
  landing craft availability table
  landing diagram
  landing force
  landing force supplies
  landing force support party
  landing group
  landing group commander
  landing mat
  landing plan
  landing point
  landing roll
  landing schedule
  landing sequence table
  landing ship
  landing ship dock
  landing signal officer
  landing site
  landing threshold
  landing zone
  landing zone control
  landing zone control party
  land mine warfare
  land search
  lane marker
  lap course
  lap track
  lap turn
  lap width
  large-lot storage
  large-scale map
  large spread
  laser footprint
  laser guidance unit
  laser guided weapon
  laser illuminator
  laser intelligence
  laser linescan system
  laser pulse duration
  laser rangefinder
  laser seeker
  laser spot
  laser spot tracker
  laser target designating system
  laser target designator
  laser-target/gun-target angle
  laser-target line
  laser target marker
  laser target marking system
  lashing point
  lateral gain
  lateral route
  lateral spread
  lateral tell
  latest arrival date
  launch pad
  launch time
  late time
  latitude band
  launch under attack
  launch window
  law enforcement agency
  law of armed conflict
  law of war
  laydown bombing
  layer depth
  lay leader
  lay reference number
  lead agency
  lead agent
  lead aircraft
  lead federal agency
  lead mobility wing
  lead nation
  lead Service or agency for common-user logistics
  leaver convoy
  leaver section
  left (or right)
  left (right) bank
  letter of assist
  letter of offer and acceptance
  level of detail
  level-of-effort munitions
  level of effort-oriented items
  level of supply
  liberated territory
  licensed production
  life cycle
  lifeguard submarine
  life support equipment
  light artillery
  light damage
  light filter
  light line
  lightweight amphibious container handler
  limited production-type item
  limited standard item
  limited war
  limiting factor
  limit of fire
  linear scale
  line of communications
  line of demarcation
  line of departure
  line of operations
  line overlap
  line-route map
  line search
  link element
  link encryption
  link-lift vehicle
  link-route segments
  liquid explosive
  liquid propellant
  listening watch
  list of targets
  litter patient
  load control group
  loading chart (aircraft)
  loading (ordnance)
  loading plan
  loading point
  loading site
  loading time
  load signal
  load spreader
  local mean time
  local procurement
  local purchase
  lock on
  lodgment area
  loft bombing
  logistic assessment
  logistic estimate of the situation
  logistic implications test
  logistic and movement control center
  logistic marking and reading symbology
  logistic routes
  logistics over-the-shore operation area
  logistics over-the-shore operations
  logistic sourcing
  logistic support
  logistic support (medical)
  long-range bomber aircraft
  long-range transport aircraft
  long ton
  low airburst
  low-altitude missile engagement zone
  low-altitude parachute extraction system
  low angle
  low angle fire
  low angle loft bombing
  low dollar value item
  low level flight
  low level transit route
  low oblique
  low velocity drop
  low visibility operations