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Military Dictionary - Letter Group J

All official U.S. DoD military terms, and their definitions, beginning with the letter J.

  jet advisory service
  jet propulsion
  jet stream
  jettisoned mines
  joiner convoy
  joiner section
  joint after action report
  joint air attack team
  joint airborne advance party
  joint airborne training
  joint air operations
  joint air operations center
  joint air operations plan
  joint amphibious operation
  joint amphibious task force
  joint base
  joint captured materiel exploitation center
  joint civil-military operations task force
  joint combat search and rescue operation
  joint combined exchange training
  joint communications network
  joint concept
  joint decision support tools
  joint deployable intelligence support system
  joint doctrine
  joint doctrine development community
  Joint Doctrine Development System
  Joint Doctrine Working Party
  joint document exploitation center
  joint duty assignment
  Joint Duty Assignment List
  joint engagement zone
  Joint Facilities Utilization Board
  joint fires
  joint fires element
  joint fire support
  joint flow and analysis system for transportation
  joint force
  joint force air component commander
  joint force commander
  joint force land component commander
  joint force maritime component commander
  joint force meteorological and oceanographic officer
  joint force special operations component commander
  joint force surgeon
  joint functions
  joint guidance, apportionment, and targeting team
  joint information bureau
  joint integrated prioritized target list
  joint intelligence
  joint intelligence architecture
  joint intelligence center
  joint intelligence liaison element
  joint intelligence preparation of the battlespace
  joint intelligence support element
  joint interagency coordination group
  joint interrogation and debriefing center
  joint interrogation operations
  joint line of communications security board
  joint logistics
  Joint Logistics Operations Center
  joint logistics over-the-shore commander
  joint logistics over-the-shore operations
  joint manpower program
  Joint Materiel Priorities and Allocation Board
  joint meteorological and oceanographic forecast unit
  joint mission-essential task
  Joint Mobility Control Group
  joint mortuary affairs office
  joint movement center
  Joint Munitions Effectiveness Manual-Special Operations
  joint network operations control center
  joint nuclear accident coordinating center
  joint operation planning
  Joint Operation Planning and Execution System
  joint operation planning process
  joint operations
  joint operations area
  joint operations center
  joint patient movement requirements center
  joint personnel training and tracking activity
  joint planning and execution community
  joint planning group
  joint psychological operations task force
  joint publication
  joint readiness
  joint reception center
  joint reception complex
  joint reception, staging, onward movement, and integration
  joint restricted frequency list
  joint search and rescue center
  joint search and rescue center director
  joint security area
  joint security coordination center
  joint security coordinator
  joint servicing
  joint special operations air component commander
  joint special operations area
  joint special operations task force
  joint specialty officer or joint specialist
  joint staff
  Joint Staff doctrine sponsor
  Joint Strategic Capabilities Plan
  joint strategic exploitation center
  Joint Strategic Planning System
  joint suppression of enemy air defenses
  joint table of allowances
  joint table of distribution
  Joint Tactical Air Reconnaissance/Surveillance Mission Report
  joint targeting coordination board
  joint targeting steering group
  joint target list
  joint task force
  joint task force counterintelligence coordinating authority
  Joint Technical Coordinating Group for Munitions Effectiveness
  joint terminal attack controller
  joint test publication
  joint theater missile defense
  joint total asset visibility
  Joint Transportation Board
  joint urban operations
  joint warfighting capabilities assessment
  Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System
  joint zone (air, land, or sea)
  join up
  jump speed