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Military Dictionary - Letter Group H

All official U.S. DoD military terms, and their definitions, beginning with the letter H.

  half-residence time
  half thickness
  handling (ordnance)
  handover line
  hang fire
  harassing fire
  harbor defense
  hard beach
  hardened site
  hard missile base
  hasty attack
  hasty breaching
  hasty breaching (land mine warfare)
  hasty crossing
  hasty defense
  hatch list
  havens (moving)
  hazards of electromagnetic radiation to ordnance
  heading hold mode
  heading indicator
  heading select feature
  head-up display
  health service support
  health threat
  heavy antitank weapon
  heavy artillery
  heavy drop
  heavy-lift cargo
  heavy-lift ship
  height datum
  height delay
  height hole
  height of burst
  helicopter assault force
  helicopter control station
  helicopter direction center
  helicopter drop point
  helicopter landing site
  helicopter landing zone
  helicopter lane
  helicopter retirement route
  helicopter support team
  helicopter transport area
  helicopter wave
  HERO SAFE ordnance
  HERO UNSAFE ordnance
  high airburst
  high altitude bombing
  high altitude burst
  high-altitude low-opening parachute technique
  high-altitude missile engagement zone
  high angle
  high angle fire
  high-density airspace control zone
  high explosive cargo
  high oblique
  high-payoff target
  high-payoff target list
  high-risk-of-capture personnel
  high-risk personnel
  high value airborne asset protection
  high value asset control items
  high-value target
  high velocity drop
  high-water mark
  hill shading
  hinterland, far
  hinterland, near
  hi-value asset control item
  holding anchorage
  holding attack
  holding point
  holding position
  hollow charge
  homeland defense
  homeland security
  home recovery mission profile
  home station
  homing guidance
  homing mine
  horizontal action mine
  horizontal error
  horizontal loading
  horizontal situation display
  horizontal situation indicator
  horizontal stowage
  host country
  hostile act
  hostile casualty
  hostile environment
  hostile force
  hostile intent
  hostile track
  host nation
  host-nation support
  host-nation support agreement
  hot photo interpretation report
  hot pursuit
  hot spot
  hovering ceiling
  hub and spoke distribution
  human factors
  human intelligence
  humanitarian and civic assistance
  humanitarian assistance coordination center
  humanitarian demining
  humanitarian operations center
  human resources intelligence
  hung weapons
  hunter track
  hydrogen bomb
  hydrographic chart
  hydrographic reconnaissance
  hyperbaric chamber
  hyperbolic navigation system
  hypergolic fuel
  hyperspectral imagery
  hypobaric chamber
  hypsometric tinting