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Military Dictionary - Letter Group G

All official U.S. DoD military terms, and their definitions, beginning with the letter G.

  gap filler radar
  gap (imagery)
  gap marker
  garrison force
  general agency agreement
  general air cargo
  general and complete disarmament
  general cargo
  general engineering
  general map
  general military intelligence
  general orders
  general purchasing agents
  general quarters
  general staff
  general stopping power
  general support
  general support artillery
  general support-reinforcing
  general unloading period
  general war
  generation (photography)
  geographic coordinates
  geographic reference points
  geospatial information and services
  geospatial information and services priorities
  glide bomb
  glide mode
  Global Air Transportation Execution System
  Global Combat Support System
  Global Command and Control System
  Global Decision Support System
  global distribution
  global distribution of materiel
  Global Information Grid
  global information infrastructure
  Global Network Operations Center
  Global Patient Movement Requirements Center
  global positioning system
  global transportation management
  Global Transportation Network
  go no-go
  government-owned, contract-operated ships
  government-owned, Military Sealift Command-operated ships
  gradient circuit
  grand strategy
  graphic scale
  graticule ticks
  graves registration program
  gravity extraction
  grazing fire
  Greenwich Mean Time
  grey propaganda
  grid bearing
  grid convergence
  grid convergence factor
  grid coordinates
  grid coordinate system
  grid interval
  grid magnetic angle
  grid navigation
  grid north
  grid ticks
  grid variation
  grossly transportation feasible
  gross weight
  ground alert
  ground combat element
  ground control
  ground-controlled approach procedure
  ground-controlled interception
  ground fire
  ground liaison officer
  ground mine
  ground observer center
  ground return
  ground speed
  ground visibility
  ground zero
  group of targets
  group rendezvous
  guarded frequencies
  guerrilla force
  guerrilla warfare
  guidance station equipment
  guided missile
  guide specification
  gun carriage
  gun-target line
  gun-type weapon
  gyromagnetic compass