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Military Dictionary - Letter Group F

All official U.S. DoD military terms, and their definitions, beginning with the letter F.

  facility substitutes
  fallout contours
  fallout pattern
  fallout prediction
  fallout safe height of burst
  fallout wind vector plot
  false origin
  fan camera photography
  fan cameras
  fan marker beacon
  farm gate type operations
  feasibility assessment
  feasibility test
  federal coordinating officer
  federal modal agencies
  federal service
  federal supply class management
  federal transport agencies
  field army
  field artillery
  field artillery observer
  field exercise
  field fortifications
  field headquarters
  field of fire
  field of view
  field of vision
  field press censorship
  field training exercise
  fighter cover
  fighter engagement zone
  fighter sweep
  fighting load
  filler personnel
  film badge
  final approach
  final bearing
  final destination
  final disposal procedures
  final governing standards
  final plan
  final protective fire
  finance operations
  financial management
  financial property accounting
  fire barrage (specify)
  fire capabilities chart
  fire control
  fire control radar
  fire control system
  fire coordination
  fire direction center
  fire for effect
  fire message
  fire mission
  fire plan
  fire storm
  fire support
  fire support area
  fire support coordination measure
  fire support coordination
  fire support coordination center
  fire support coordination line
  fire support element
  fire support group
  fire support officer
  fire support station
  fire support team
  firing area
  firing chart
  firing circuit
  firing point
  firing system
  first light
  first responder phase
  first strike
  fission products
  fission to yield ratio
  fitted mine
  fixed ammunition
  fixed capital property
  fixed medical treatment facility
  fixed port
  fixed price incentive contract
  fixed price type contract
  fixed station patrol
  fixer system
  flag days (red or green)
  flag officer
  flame field expedients
  flame thrower
  flammable cargo
  flank guard
  flanking attack
  flare dud
  flash blindness
  flash burn
  flash message
  flash ranging
  flash report
  flash suppressor
  flash-to-bang time
  flatted cargo
  fleet ballistic missile submarine
  fleet in being
  Fleet Marine Force
  flexible deterrent option
  flexible response
  flight advisory
  flight deck
  flight following
  flight information center
  flight information region
  flight information service
  flight levels
  flight path
  flight plan
  flight plan correlation
  flight profile
  flight quarters
  flight readiness firing
  flight surgeon
  flight test
  flight visibility
  floating base support
  floating craft company
  floating dump
  floating mine
  floating reserve
  fly-in echelon
  foam path
  follow-up echelon
  follow-up shipping
  follow-up supplies
  force activity designators
  force beddown
  force closure
  force enablement
  force extension
  force health protection
  force list
  force module
  force module package
  force movement control center
  force multiplier
  force planning
  force projection
  force protection
  force protection condition
  force protection working group
  force rendezvous
  force requirement number
  force shortfall
  forces in being
  force sourcing
  force structure
  force tabs
  force tracking
  forcible entry
  foreign armed force
  foreign assistance
  foreign disaster
  foreign disaster relief
  foreign humanitarian assistance
  foreign instrumentation signals intelligence
  foreign intelligence
  foreign internal defense
  foreign military sales
  foreign military sales trainees
  foreign national
  foreign nation support
  foreign object damage
  formatted message text
  formerly restricted data
  form lines
  forward aeromedical evacuation
  forward air controller
  forward air controller (airborne)
  forward area
  forward arming and refueling point
  forward aviation combat engineering
  forward edge of the battle area
  forward line of own troops
  forward logistic site
  forward-looking infrared
  forward oblique air photograph
  forward observer
  forward operating base
  forward operating location
  forward operating site
  forward operations base
  forward recovery mission profile
  forward resuscitative surgery
  forward slope
  forward tell
  four-round illumination diamond
  463L system
  fragmentary order
  free air anomaly
  free air overpressure
  freedom of navigation operations
  free drop
  free fall
  free field overpressure
  free-fire area
  free form message text
  free issue
  free mail
  free mine
  free play exercise
  free rocket
  freight consolidating activity
  freight distributing activity
  frequency deconfliction
  frequency management
  friendly fire
  friendly force information requirement
  frontal attack
  frustrated cargo
  full charge
  full mission-capable
  full mobilization
  full-spectrum superiority
  functional component command
  functional damage assessment
  functional kill
  functional plans
  fusion center
  fuze cavity