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Military Dictionary - Letter Group E

All official U.S. DoD military terms, and their definitions, beginning with the letter E.

  earliest anticipated launch time
  earliest arrival date
  Early Spring
  early time
  early warning
  earmarking of stocks
  echeloned displacement
  economic action
  economic order quantity
  economic potential
  economic potential forwar
  economic retention stock
  economic warfare
  effective damage
  effective US controlled ships
  ejection systems
  electrode sweep
  electro-explosive device
  electromagnetic compatibility
  electromagnetic deception
  electromagnetic environment
  electromagnetic environmental effects
  electromagnetic hardening
  electromagnetic interference
  electromagnetic intrusion
  electromagnetic jamming
  electromagnetic pulse
  electromagnetic radiation
  electromagnetic radiation hazards
  electromagnetic spectrum
  electromagnetic spectrum management
  electromagnetic vulnerability
  electronic attack
  electronic imagery dissemination
  electronic intelligence
  electronic line of sight
  electronic masking
  electronic probing
  electronic protection
  electronic reconnaissance
  electronics security
  electronic warfare
  electronic warfare frequency deconfliction
  electronic warfare reprogramming
  electronic warfare support
  electro-optical intelligence
  element set
  elevated causeway system
  elevation tint
  elicitation (intelligence)
  eligible traffic
  embarkation and tonnage table
  embarkation area
  embarkation element (unit) (group)
  embarkation officer
  embarkation order
  embarkation organization
  embarkation phase
  embarkation plans
  embarkation team
  emergency anchorage
  emergency barrier
  emergency-essential employee
  emergency interment
  emergency locator beacon
  emergency preparedness
  emergency priority
  emergency relocation site
  emergency repair
  emergency resupply
  emergency risk (nuclear)
  emergency substitute
  emission control
  emission control orders
  emission security
  employment planning
  enabling force
  enabling mine countermeasures
  end evening civil twilight
  end item
  end of evening nautical twilight
  end of mission
  end state
  endurance distance
  endurance loading
  enemy capabilities
  enemy combatant
  enlisted terminal attack controller
  en route care
  environmental cleanup
  environmental considerations
  environmental services
  environmental stewardship
  equipment operationally ready
  escape line
  escape route
  escort forces
  espionage against the United States
  essential care
  essential chemicals
  essential communications traffic
  essential elements of friendly information
  essential elements of information
  essential industry
  essential secrecy
  evacuation control ship
  evacuation convoy
  evacuation of dangerously exposed waters
  evacuation of port equipment
  evacuation policy
  evaluation agent
  evaluation and feedback
  evasion aid
  evasion and escape
  evasion and escape intelligence
  evasion and escape net
  evasion and escape route
  evasion and recovery
  evasion chart
  evasion plan of action
  event matrix
  event template
  exaggerated stereoscopy
  exceptional transport
  excess property
  exclusive economic zone
  exclusion zone
  execute order
  executing commander (nuclear weapons)
  execution planning
  executive agent
  exercise directing staff
  exercise filled mine
  exercise incident
  exercise mine
  exercise specifications
  exercise sponsor
  exercise study
  exercise term
  existence load
  expeditionary force
  expendable property
  expendable supplies and materiel
  exploratory hunting
  explosive filled mine
  explosive ordnance
  explosive ordnance disposal
  explosive ordnance disposal incident
  explosive ordnance disposal procedures
  explosive ordnance disposal unit
  explosive train
  exposure dose
  exposure station
  extended communications search
  extent of damage
  external audience
  external reinforcing force
  external support contractors
  extraction parachute
  extraction zone