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Military Dictionary - Letter Group D

All official U.S. DoD military terms, and their definitions, beginning with the letter D.

  daily intelligence summary
  daily movement summary (shipping)
  damage area
  damage assessment
  damage control
  damage criteria
  damage estimation
  damage expectancy (nuclear)
  damage radius
  damage threat
  danger area
  danger close
  dangerous cargo
  danger space
  data block
  data code
  data element
  data item
  data link
  data link coordination net
  data mile
  date line
  date-time group
  datum (antisubmarine warfare)
  datum error (antisubmarine warfare)
  datum (geodetic)
  datum level
  datum point
  datum time (antisubmarine warfare)
  day of supply
  D-day consumption/production differential assets
  D-day materiel readiness gross capability
  D-day pipeline assets
  dead mine
  dead space
  debarkation net
  debarkation schedule
  decentralized control
  decentralized execution
  decentralized items
  deception action
  deception concept
  deception course of action
  deception event
  deception means
  deception objective
  deception story
  deception target
  decision altitude
  decision height
  decision point
  decision support template
  decisive engagement
  decisive point
  deck alert
  declared speed
  decompression chamber
  decompression sickness
  decontamination station
  decoy ship
  deep fording capability
  deep minefield
  de facto boundary
  defense area
  Defense Business Operations Fund
  defense classification
  Defense Communications System
  defense coordinating officer
  defense critical infrastructure
  defense emergency
  defense in depth
  defense industrial base
  defense information infrastructure
  Defense Information Systems Network
  defense intelligence production
  defense message system
  Defense Meteorological Satellite Program
  Defense Planning Guidance
  defense readiness condition
  Defense Satellite Communications System
  defense sectors
  Defense Support Program
  defense support to public diplomacy
  Defense Switched Network
  Defense Transportation System
  defensive coastal area
  defensive counterair
  defensive minefield
  defensive sea area
  defensive zone
  defoliant operation
  defoliating agent
  degree of risk
  de jure boundary
  delayed entry program
  delaying action
  delaying operation
  delay release sinker
  delegation of authority
  deliberate attack
  deliberate breaching
  deliberate crossing
  deliberate defense
  deliberate planning
  delivering ship
  delivery error
  delivery forecasts
  delivery requirements
  demilitarized zone
  demolition belt
  demolition chamber
  demolition firing party
  demolition guard
  demolition kit
  demolition target
  demolition tool kit
  denial measure
  denied area
  density altitude
  departmental intelligence
  Department of Defense construction agent
  Department of Defense container system
  Department of Defense installation
  Department of Defense Intelligence Information System
  Department of Defense internal audit organizations
  Department of Defense support to counterdrug operations
  Department of the Air Force
  Department of the Army
  Department of the Navy
  departure airfield
  departure area
  departure end
  departure point
  deployable joint task force augmentation cell
  deployed health surveillance
  deployed nuclear weapons
  deployment database
  deployment diagram
  deployment order
  deployment planning
  deployment preparation order
  depot maintenance
  depth contour
  depth curve
  descriptive name
  designated planning agent
  design basis threat
  desired appreciation
  desired effects
  desired ground zero
  desired mean point of impact
  desired perception
  desired point of impact
  destruction fire
  destruction fire mission
  destruction radius
  detailed photographic report
  detainee collecting point
  detainee processing station
  detecting circuit
  deterioration limit
  deterrent options
  detonating cord
  developmental assistance
  diaphragm stop
  died of wounds received in action
  differential ballistic wind
  diffraction loading
  diplomatic authorization
  diplomatic and/or consular facility
  dip needle circuit
  direct action
  direct action fuze
  direct air support center
  direct air support center (airborne)
  directed energy
  directed-energy device
  directed-energy protective measures
  directed-energy warfare
  directed-energy weapon
  direct exchange
  direct fire
  direct illumination
  directing staff
  directional gyro indicator
  direction finding
  direction of attack
  directive authority for logistics
  direct laying
  direct liaison authorized
  director of mobility forces
  direct support
  direct support artillery
  direct supporting fire
  direct vendor delivery
  disabling fire
  disaffected person
  disarmed mine
  disaster assistance response team
  disaster control
  discriminating circuit
  disease and nonbattle injury casualty
  disembarkation schedule
  dislocated civilian
  dispatch route
  dispersal airfield
  dispersed movement pattern
  dispersed site
  dispersion error
  dispersion pattern
  displaced person
  disruptive pattern
  dissemination and integration
  distant retirement area
  distant support area
  distributed fire
  distribution manager
  distribution pipeline
  distribution plan
  distribution point
  distribution system
  diversion airfield
  diversionary attack
  diversionary landing
  divert field
  diving chamber
  division artillery
  doctrinal template
  DOD civilian
  domestic air traffic
  domestic emergencies
  domestic intelligence
  dominant user
  dominant user concept
  doppler effect
  doppler radar
  dose rate contour line
  double agent
  double flow route
  down lock
  draft plan
  drag loading
  drift angle
  drill mine
  droop stop
  drop altitude
  drop height
  drop message
  drop zone
  drug interdiction
  dry deck shelter
  D-to-P assets required on D-day
  D-to-P concept
  D-to-P materiel readiness gross requirement
  dual agent
  dual-capable aircraft
  dual-capable forces
  dual capable unit
  dual-firing circuit
  dual (multi)-capable weapons
  dual (multi)-purpose weapons
  dual-purpose weapon
  dual-role tanker
  dud probability
  due in
  dummy message
  dummy minefield
  dummy run
  duplicate negative
  durable materiel
  duty status
  dwarf dud
  dwell time