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Military Dictionary - Letter Group C

All official U.S. DoD military terms, and their definitions, beginning with the letter C.

  calibrated focal length
  call fire
  call for fire
  call sign
  camera axis
  camera axis direction
  camera calibration
  camera cycling rate
  camera nadir
  camouflage detection photography
  campaign plan
  campaign planning
  cannot observe
  cantilever lifting frame
  capstone publications
  capstone requirements document
  captive firing
  cardinal point effect
  caretaker status
  cargo classification (combat loading)
  cargo increment number
  cargo outturn message
  cargo outturn report
  cargo sling
  cargo tie-down point
  cargo transporter
  carpet bombing
  carrier air wing
  carrier battle group
  carrier striking force
  casualty category
  casualty evacuation
  casualty receiving and treatment ship
  casualty status
  casualty type
  catalytic attack
  catalytic war
  categories of data
  causeway launching area
  cease fire
  cease fire line
  celestial guidance
  celestial sphere
  cell system
  center of burst
  center of gravity
  central control officer
  centralized control
  centralized receiving and shipping point
  centrally managed item
  central procurement
  chain of command
  Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff instruction
  Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff manual
  Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff memorandum of policy
  Chairmanís program assessment
  Chairmanís program recommendations
  chalk commander
  chalk number
  chalk troops
  change of operational control
  channel airlift
  characteristic actuation probability
  characteristic actuation width
  characteristic detection probability
  characteristic detection width
  charged demolition target
  chart base
  chart index
  chart location of the battery
  chart series
  chart sheet
  check firing
  check sweeping
  chemical agent
  chemical agent cumulative action
  chemical ammunition
  chemical ammunition cargo
  chemical, biological, and radiological operation
  chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear defense
  chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, or high-yield explosives incidents
  chemical contamination
  chemical defense
  chemical dose
  chemical environment
  chemical horn
  chemical monitoring
  chemical operation
  chemical survey
  chemical warfare
  chemical weapon
  chief Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine Corps censor
  chief of mission
  chief of staff
  chronic radiation dose
  circular error probable
  civic action
  civil administration
  civil affairs
  civil affairs activities
  civil affairs agreement
  civil augmentation program
  civil authorities
  civil censorship
  civil damage assessment
  civil defense
  civil defense emergency
  civil defense intelligence
  civil disturbance
  civil disturbance readiness conditions
  civil engineering
  civil engineering support plan
  civilian internee
  civilian internee camp
  civil-military operations
  civil-military operations center
  civil nuclear power
  civil requirements
  civil reserve air fleet
  civil support
  civil transportation
  clandestine operation
  classes of supply
  classification of bridges and vehicles
  classified contract
  classified information
  classified matter
  clean aircraft
  cleansing station
  clearance capacity
  clearance rate
  clearing operation
  clock code position
  close air support
  close-controlled air interception
  closed area
  close support
  close support area
  closure minefield
  closure shortfall
  cloud amount
  cloud chamber effect
  cloud top height
  cluster bomb unit
  coalition action
  coalition coordination cell
  coarse mine
  coastal convoy
  coastal frontier
  coastal refraction
  coastal sea control
  code word
  cold war
  collaborative purchase
  collapse depth
  collateral damage
  collection (acquisition)
  collection agency
  collection asset
  collection coordination facility line number
  collection management
  collection management authority
  collection manager
  collection operations management
  collection plan
  collection planning
  collection point
  collection requirement
  collection requirements management
  collection resource
  collective call sign
  collective nuclear, biological, and chemical protection
  collective self-defense
  colored beach
  column formation
  column gap
  column length
  combat air patrol
  combat airspace control
  combat and operational stress
  combatant command
  combatant command chaplain
  combatant command (command authority)
  combatant commander
  combatant commanderís required date
  combatant commanderís strategic concept
  combat area
  combat assessment
  combat camera
  combat cargo officer
  combat chart
  combat control team
  combat engineering
  combat forces
  combat identification
  combat information
  combat information center
  combating terrorism
  combat intelligence
  combat loading
  combat power
  combat readiness
  combat search and rescue
  combat search and rescue mission coordinator
  combat search and rescue task force
  combat service support
  combat service support area
  combat service support element
  combat service support elements
  combat support
  combat support elements
  combat support troops
  combat surveillance
  combat surveillance radar
  combat survival
  combat vehicle
  combat visual information support center
  combat zone
  combination influence mine
  combination mission/level of effort-oriented items
  combined airspeed indicator
  combined arms team
  combined force
  combined influence mine
  combined joint special operations task force
  combined operation
  command and control
  command and control system
  command axis
  command center
  command channel
  command chaplain
  command controlled stocks
  command destruct signal
  command detonated mine
  command ejection system
  command element
  commander, amphibious task force
  commander, landing force
  commanderís concept
  commanderís critical information requirement
  commanderís estimate of the situation
  commanderís intent
  command guidance
  command information
  commanding officer of troops
  command net
  command post
  command post exercise
  command relationships
  command select ejection system
  command-sponsored dependent
  commercial items
  commercial loading
  commercial vehicle
  commodity loading
  commodity manager
  common control (artillery)
  common infrastructure
  common item
  common operating environment
  common operational picture
  common servicing
  common supplies
  common use
  common use alternatives
  common-use container
  common-user airlift service
  common-user item
  common-user logistics
  common-user military land transportation
  common-user network
  common-user ocean terminals
  common-user sealift
  common-user transportation
  communication deception
  communication operation instructions
  communications center
  communications intelligence
  communications intelligence database
  communications mark
  communications net
  communications network
  communications satellite
  communications security
  communications security equipment
  communications security material
  communications security monitoring
  communications system
  communications terminal
  communications zone
  community relations
  community relations program
  comparative cover
  compass rose
  complaint-type investigation
  complete round
  complex contingency operations
  component (materiel)
  component-owned container
  component search and rescue controller
  composite air photography
  composite warfare commander
  composite wing
  compression chamber
  computed air release point
  computer intrusion
  computer intrusion detection
  computer modeling
  computer network attack
  computer network defense
  computer network exploitation
  computer network operations
  computer security
  computer simulation
  concentration area
  concept of intelligence operations
  concept of logistic support
  concept of operations
  concept plan
  condensation cloud
  condensation trail
  conducting staff
  configuration management
  confirmation of information (intelligence)
  confusion agent
  confusion reflector
  connecting route
  consecutive voyage charter
  consolidated vehicle table
  consolidation of position
  constructive presence
  consumable supplies and materiel
  consumer logistics
  consumption rate
  contact burst preclusion
  contact mine
  contact point
  contact print
  contact procedure
  contact reconnaissance
  contact report
  container anchorage terminal
  container control officer
  container-handling equipment
  containership cargo stowage adapter
  contaminated remains
  contamination control
  contiguous zone
  continental United States
  continental United States replacement center
  contingency contracting
  contingency contractor personnel
  contingency engineering management organization
  contingency operation
  contingency plan
  contingency planning facilities list program
  Contingency Planning Guidance
  contingency response program
  contingency retention stock
  contingency ZIP Code
  contingent effects
  continuity of command
  continuity of operations
  continuous fire
  continuous illumination fire
  continuous strip camera
  continuous strip imagery
  contour flight
  contour interval
  contour line
  contracted logistic support
  contracting officer
  contract maintenance
  contractors deploying with the force
  contract termination
  control area
  control group
  control (intelligence)
  controllable mine
  controlled airspace
  controlled dangerous air cargo
  controlled effects nuclear weapons
  controlled exercise
  controlled firing area
  controlled forces
  controlled information
  controlled item
  controlled map
  controlled mosaic
  controlled passing
  controlled port
  controlled reprisal
  controlled response
  controlled route
  controlled shipping
  controlled substance
  controlled war
  control of electromagnetic radiation
  control point
  control zone
  conventional forces
  conventional mines
  conventional recovery operation
  conventional weapon
  converged sheaf
  convergence factor
  convergence zone
  conversion angle
  conversion scale
  convoy commodore
  convoy dispersal point
  convoy escort
  convoy joiner
  convoy leaver
  convoy loading
  convoy route
  convoy schedule
  convoy speed
  convoy terminal area
  convoy through escort
  convoy title
  cooperative logistics
  cooperative logistic support arrangements
  cooperative security location
  coordinated draft plan
  coordinated fire line
  coordinated procurement assignee
  Coordinated Universal Time
  coordinating altitude
  coordinating authority
  coordinating point
  coordinating review authority
  copy negative
  corner reflector
  corps support command
  corps troops
  correlation factor
  cost contract
  cost-plus a fixed-fee contract
  cost sharing contract
  counterbattery fire
  counterdrug nonoperational support
  counterdrug operational support
  counterdrug operations
  counterdrug support office
  counterguerrilla warfare
  counterintelligence activities
  counterintelligence collection
  counterintelligence investigation
  counterintelligence operational tasking authority
  counterintelligence operations
  counterintelligence production
  counterintelligence support
  countermine operation
  countermobility operations
  counterpreparation fire
  counterpropaganda operations
  country cover diagram
  country team
  coup de main
  course of action
  course of action development
  covering fire
  covering force
  covering force area
  cover (military)
  cover search
  covert operation
  crash locator beacon
  crash position indicator
  crash rescue and fire suppression
  crater depth
  cratering charge
  crater radius
  creeping barrage
  creeping mine
  crisis action planning
  crisis management
  critical asset
  critical capability
  critical information
  critical infrastructure protection
  critical intelligence
  critical item
  critical item list
  criticality assessment
  critical joint duty assignment billet
  critical mass
  critical node
  critical occupational specialty
  critical point
  critical requirement
  critical safety item
  critical speed
  critical supplies and materiel
  critical sustainability item
  critical vulnerability
  critic report
  crossing area
  cross-loading (personnel)
  cross-targeting (nuclear)
  cross tell
  cruise missile
  cruising altitude
  cruising level
  crush depth
  cryogenic liquid
  cryptographic information
  CSAR-capable assets
  CSAR-dedicated assets
  culminating point
  curb weight
  current force
  current intelligence
  current, offshore
  current, rip
  curve of pursuit
  custodian of postal effects
  customer ship
  customer wait time
  Customs Over-The-Horizon Enforcement Network
  cutoff attack
  cut-off velocity
  cutting charge
  cyber counterintelligence