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Military Dictionary - Letter Group A

All official U.S. DoD military terms, and their definitions, beginning with the letter A.

  above-the-line publications
  absolute altimeter
  absolute filter
  absolute height
  absorbed dose
  access to classified information
  accidental attack
  accompanying supplies
  accounting line designator
  accuracy of fire
  accuracy of information
  acoustical surveillance
  acoustic circuit
  acoustic intelligence
  acoustic jamming
  acoustic mine
  acoustic minehunting
  acoustic warfare
  acoustic warfare counter-countermeasures
  acoustic warfare countermeasures
  acoustic warfare support measures
  acquire (radar)
  acquisition and cross-servicing agreement
  action agent
  action deferred
  action information center
  action phase
  activation detector
  active air defense
  active communications satellite
  active defense
  active duty
  active duty for special work
  active duty for training
  Active Guard and Reserve
  active homing guidance
  active material
  active mine
  active sealift forces
  active status
  act of mercy
  actual ground zero
  acute radiation dose
  administrative airlift service
  administrative control
  administrative escort
  administrative landing
  administrative lead time
  administrative loading
  administrative map
  administrative movement
  administrative order
  administrative shipping
  advanced base
  advanced logistic support site
  advanced operations base
  advance force
  advance guard
  advance guard reserve
  advance guard support
  adverse weather
  adverse weather aerial delivery system
  advisory area
  aerial picket
  aerial port
  aerial port control center
  aerial port squadron
  aerodynamic missile
  aeromedical evacuation
  aeromedical evacuation cell
  aeromedical evacuation control officer
  aeromedical evacuation control team
  aeromedical evacuation coordination center
  aeromedical evacuation system
  aeromedical evacuation unit
  aeronautical chart
  aeronautical information overprint
  aeronautical plotting chart
  aerospace defense
  affiliation training
  afloat pre-positioning force
  afloat pre-positioning operations
  afloat pre-positioning ships
  afloat support
  agent authentication
  agent net
  aggressor forces
  air alert
  air and space expeditionary task force
  air apportionment
  air assault
  air assault force
  air assault operation
  air attack
  airborne alert
  airborne assault
  airborne assault weapon
  airborne command post
  airborne early warning
  airborne early warning and control
  airborne force
  airborne interception equipment
  airborne lift
  airborne mission commander
  airborne operation
  airborne order
  airborne radio relay
  airborne sensor operator
  airborne troops
  air-breathing missile
  air-capable ship
  air cargo
  Air Carrier Initiative Program
  air cartographic camera
  air cartographic photography
  air component coordination element
  air control operations
  air corridor
  aircraft arresting barrier
  aircraft arresting cable
  aircraft arresting gear
  aircraft arresting hook
  aircraft arresting system
  aircraft arresting wire
  aircraft arrestment
  aircraft block speed
  aircraft captain
  aircraft carrier
  aircraft commander
  aircraft control and warning system
  aircraft cross-servicing
  aircraft loading table
  aircraft mission equipment
  aircraft modification
  aircraft monitoring and control
  aircraft role equipment
  aircraft scrambling
  aircraft store
  aircraft tiedown
  aircraft transient servicing
  aircraft utilization
  aircraft vectoring
  air cushion vehicle
  air defense
  air defense action area
  air defense area
  air defense artillery
  air defense battle zone
  air defense control center
  air defense direction center
  air defense division
  air defense early warning
  air defense emergency
  air defense ground environment
  air defense identification zone
  air defense operations center
  air defense operations team
  air defense readiness
  air defense region
  air defense sector
  air defense suppression
  air defense warning conditions
  Air defense warning yellow
  Air defense warning red
  Air defense warning white
  air delivery
  air delivery container
  air delivery equipment
  air direct delivery
  airdrop platform
  air employment/allocation plan
  air expeditionary force
  air expeditionary wing
  air facility
  airfield traffic
  Air Force air and space operations center
  Air Force Component Headquarters
  Air Force special operations base
  Air Force special operations component
  Air Force special operations detachment
  Air Force special operations element
  Air Force special operations forces
  airhead line
  air intercept control common
  air interception
  air intercept zone
  air interdiction
  air landed
  air landed operation
  air-launched ballistic missile
  air liaison officer
  airlift capability
  airlift control team
  airlift coordination cell
  airlift mission commander
  airlift requirement
  airlift service
  air logistic support
  air logistic support operation
  air mission
  air mission intelligence report
  airmobile forces
  airmobile operation
  air mobility
  Air Mobility Command
  air mobility control team
  air mobility division
  air mobility element
  air mobility express
  air mobility liaison officer
  air movement
  air movement column
  air movement table
  air observation
  air observation post
  air observer
  air observer adjustment
  air offensive
  air photographic reconnaissance
  air picket
  air plot
  air portable
  airport surface detection equipment
  airport surveillance radar
  airport traffic area
  air position
  air priorities committee
  air raid reporting control ship
  air reconnaissance
  air reconnaissance liaison officer
  air refueling
  air refueling control point
  air refueling control team
  air refueling control time
  air refueling initiation point
  airrequest net
  air route
  air route traffic control center
  air smuggling event
  air sovereignty
  air sovereignty mission
  airspace control
  airspace control area
  airspace control authority
  airspace control boundary
  airspace control center
  airspace control facility
  airspace control in the combat zone
  airspace control order
  airspace control plan
  airspace control procedures
  airspace control sector
  airspace control system
  airspace coordinating measures
  airspace coordination area
  airspace management
  airspace reservation
  airspace restrictions
  air space warning area
  airspeed indicator
  air staging unit
  air station
  air strike
  air strike coordinator
  air strip
  air superiority
  air supply
  air support
  air support operations center
  air support request
  air supremacy
  air surface zone
  air surveillance
  air surveillance officer
  air survey camera
  air survey photography
  air target chart
  Air Target Materials Program
  air target mosaic
  air tasking order
  air tasking order/confirmation
  air terminal
  air-to-air guided missile
  air-to-surface guided missile
  air traffic control and landing system
  air traffic control center
  air traffic control clearance
  air traffic control facility
  air traffic controller
  air traffic control service
  air traffic identification
  air traffic section
  air transportable unit
  air transported operations
  air transport group
  airways station
  air weapons controller
  alert force
  alerting service
  alert order
  all appropriate action
  allocation (air)
  allocation (nuclear)
  allocation request
  allocation (transportation)
  allowable cabin load
  allowable load
  allowable stacking weight
  all-source intelligence
  all-weather air defense fighter
  alongside replenishment
  alphabet code
  alternate airfield
  alternate command authority
  alternate command post
  alternate headquarters
  altitude acclimatization
  altitude chamber
  altitude datum
  altitude delay
  altitude height
  altitude hole
  altitude separation
  altitude slot
  ambient temperature
  ambulance exchange point
  American National Standards Institute
  ammunition and toxic material open space
  ammunition controlled supply rate
  ammunition lot
  ammunition supply point
  amphibious assault
  amphibious assault area
  amphibious assault landing
  amphibious aviation assault ship
  amphibious bulk liquid transfer system
  amphibious chart
  amphibious command ship
  amphibious construction battalion
  amphibious control group
  amphibious demonstration
  amphibious force
  amphibious group
  amphibious lift
  amphibious objective area
  amphibious operation
  amphibious planning
  amphibious raid
  amphibious reconnaissance
  amphibious reconnaissance unit
  amphibious shipping
  amphibious squadron
  amphibious striking forces
  amphibious task force
  amphibious tractor
  amphibious transport dock
  amphibious transport group
  amphibious vehicle
  amphibious vehicle availability table
  amphibious vehicle employment plan
  amphibious vehicle launching area
  amphibious withdrawal
  analysis and production
  anchor cable
  anchor line extension kit
  annotated print
  annual screening
  annual training
  antemortem identification media
  antenna mine
  antiarmor helicopter
  anticountermining device
  antideficiency violations
  anti-G suit
  antilift device
  antimateriel agent
  antimateriel operation
  antipersonnel mine (land mine warfare)
  antiradiation missile
  antirecovery device
  antisubmarine action
  antisubmarine air distant support
  antisubmarine air search attack unit
  antisubmarine barrier
  antisubmarine close air support
  antisubmarine operation
  antisubmarine patrol
  antisubmarine screen
  antisubmarine search
  antisubmarine support operation
  antisubmarine warfare
  antisubmarine warfare forces
  antisurface air operation
  antisweep device
  antisweeper mine
  antitank helicopter
  antitank mine
  antiwatching device
  any Service member mail
  apparent horizon
  apparent precession
  applicable materiel assets
  apportionment (air)
  approach clearance
  approach control
  approach end of runway
  approach lane
  approach march
  approach schedule
  approach sequence
  approach time
  approval authority
  archipelagic sea lanes passage
  area air defense commander
  area assessment
  area bombing
  area command
  area control center
  area damage control
  area of influence
  area of intelligence responsibility
  area of interest
  area of limitation
  area of militarily significant fallout
  area of northern operations
  area of operations
  area of responsibility
  area of separation
  area operations
  area oriented
  area radar prediction analysis
  area search
  area target
  armament delivery recording
  armed forces
  armed forces censorship
  armed forces courier
  Armed Forces Courier Service
  armed forces courier station
  Armed Forces of the United States
  Armed Forces Radio and Television Service
  armed helicopter
  armed mine
  armed reconnaissance
  armed sweep
  arming delay device
  arming lanyard
  arming pin
  arming system
  arming wire
  armistice demarcation line
  arm or de-arm
  armored personnel carrier
  arms control agreement
  arms control agreement verification
  arms control measure
  Army Air Defense Command Post
  Army air-ground system
  Army and Air Force Exchange Service imprest fund activity
  Army base
  Army corps
  Army service area
  Army Service component command
  Army special operations component
  Army special operations forces
  Army tactical data link 1
  arresting barrier
  arresting gear
  arrival zone
  artificial horizon
  artillery fire plan table
  artillery survey control point
  assault aircraft
  assault area
  assault area diagram
  assault craft
  assault craft unit
  assault echelon
  assault fire
  assault follow-on echelon
  assault phase
  assault schedule
  assault shipping
  assault wave
  assembly anchorage
  assembly area
  assessment agent
  asset (intelligence)
  assistance mechanism
  assisted recovery
  assumed azimuth
  assumed grid
  astern fueling
  asymmetrical sweep
  atmospheric environment
  at my command
  atomic air burst
  atomic defense
  atomic demolition munition
  atomic underground burst
  atomic underwater burst
  atomic warfare
  atomic weapon
  at priority call
  at sea
  attack assessment
  attack cargo ship
  attack group
  attack heading
  attack helicopter
  attack origin
  attack pattern
  attack position
  attack timing
  attenuation factor
  attitude indicator
  attrition minefield
  attrition rate
  attrition reserve aircraft
  attrition sweeping
  augmentation forces
  autocode format
  automated data handling
  automated identification technology
  automatic approach and landing
  automatic data handling
  automatic data processing
  automatic flight control system
  automatic message processing system
  automatic resupply
  automatic search jammer
  automatic supply
  automation network
  autonomous operation
  availability date
  available payload
  available-to-load date
  avenue of approach
  average speed
  aviation combat element
  aviation life support equipment
  aviation medicine
  aviation ship
  axial route
  axis of advance
  azimuth angle
  azimuth guidance
  azimuth resolution