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Bravia Chaimite (Series)

4x4 Light Armored Vehicle (LAV)

Portugal | 1967

"The Chaimite V-series of APC has evolved into an adaptable battlefield vehicle."

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The Bravia Chaimite V-series of light armored vehicles is a Portuguese-designed and produced 4x4 armored personnel carrier (APC) system with full amphibious qualities. The vehicle is served by a crew of three primary operators made up of a vehicle commander, driver and gunner. Additionally, the Chaimite can transport up to eight combat-ready personnel at speed and in relative protection from small arms fire and battlefield "spray". The gunner utilizes a one-man powered turret system which itself can be adapted to include a variety of mission-specific armaments including general purpose machine guns, heavy machine guns, cannons, heavy mortars, tank guns and anti-tank guided missile launchers.

The Chaimite debuted in 1967 and is currently in operational service with a select few forces around the globe including Portugal, Palestine (single example by way of Libya, since captured by Israeli forces), Peru, Philippines, Lebanon and Libya. The Chaimite series has seen combat actions in the Portuguese Colonial War (1961-1973) and the Lebanese Civil War (1975-1990) and over 600 have been produced by Bravia.

Design of the Chaimite series is rather straight forward. As a 4x4 system, there are four large road wheels installed at each corner of the hull sides. Ballistics protection from small arms fire is partially handled by the angled armor facings of the vehicle. The rear of the hull is angled outwards at the top while the front end sports a short glacis plate. Thick block visors are identified along the front and side upper panels for viewing outwards and most maintain gun ports for engaging targets from within the safety of the vehicle. The roof is largely flat in nature, disrupted only by specialist equipment of choice of main armament. Entry and exit is accomplished by a variety of hinged hatches along the sides, top and rear of the hull. A spare road wheel can be affixed to the front underside hull. Power is supplied by a single Model M75 V8 water-cooled gasoline engine developing up to 210 horsepower at 4,000rpm. A V6 diesel engine is also optional to customers. The Chaimite lists a top road speed of 68 miles per hour (naturally less when heading off-road) and an operational range of 652 miles. NBC protection for the crew is standard and nightvision support is optional.

The Chaimite V-series of 4x4 armored personnel carriers has also evolved into a multi-faceted family line that features dedicated mortar carriers, battlefield ambulances, a 6x6 variant and an anti-tank defense system among others. The base APC is the V-200 while the V-200 "Armada 60" version is fitted with a rocket launcher. The V-300 is a fire support vehicle fielding machine guns and small-caliber cannons. The V-400 fits a 90mm main gun. The V-500 is a command version with increased communications facilities while the V-600 sports field and heavy mortars for indirect fire support. The V-700 is the dedicated anti-tank guided missile platform designed to directly engage enemy armor. The V-800 is a dedicated battlefield ambulance and the V-900 is the armored recovery vehicle (ARV) used to reclaim damaged or malfunctioning vehicles of similar class. The V-1000 is a security model fitted with a high-pressure water cannon for anti-riot control.

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Power & Performance
Those special qualities that separate one land system design from another. Performance specifications presented assume optimal operating conditions for the Bravia Chaimite V-200 4x4 Light Armored Vehicle (LAV).
1 x Model M75 V-8 water-cooled gasoline engine developing 210 horsepower at 4,000rpm (V-6 diesel engine optional) driving conventional four-wheeled arrangement.
Installed Power
68 mph
110 kph
Road Speed
652 miles
1,050 km
The physical qualities of the Bravia Chaimite V-200 4x4 Light Armored Vehicle (LAV).
18.4 ft
5.6 meters
O/A Length
7.4 ft
2.26 meters
O/A Width
6.0 ft
1.84 meters
O/A Height
16,094 lb
7,300 kg | 8.0 tons
Armament & Ammunition
Available supported armament, ammunition, and special-mission equipment featured in the design of the Bravia Chaimite (Series) 4x4 Light Armored Vehicle (LAV).
2 x 7.62mm general purpose machine guns

Other mission specific armament may include:

1 x 12.7mm heavy machine gun
1 x 7.62mm machine gun
1 x 20mm cannon
1 x 90mm main gun
1 x 81mm field mortar
1 x 120mm heavy mortar
1 x anti-tank guided missile launching system
Dependent upon armament fitted. 9,250 x 7.62mm ammunition.
Nightvision - OPTIONAL.
Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear Protection (CBRN) - YES.
Notable series variants as part of the Bravia Chaimite (Series) family line.
Chaimite V-200 - Base Armored Personnel Carrier production model.
Chaimite V-300 - 20mm turret armament
Chaimite V-400 - 90mm main gun armament
Chaimite V-500 - Commander Version; increased communications facilities.
Chaimite V-600 - Mortar carrier for 81mm field or 120mm heavy calibers.
Chaimite V-700 - Anti-tank Missile Launcher Vehicle.
Chaimite V-800 - Battlefield Ambulance
Chaimite V-900 - Battlefield Armored Recovery Vehicle (ARV).
Chaimite V-1000 - Specialized Security Vehicle fitting high-pressure water cannon for riot control.
BRAVIA Mk II - 6x6 wheeled version (in development).
BRAVIA Mk III - Armored Personnel Carrier (in development).
Global customers who have evaluated and/or operated the Bravia Chaimite (Series). Nations are displayed by flag, each linked to their respective national land systems listing.

Total Production: 610 Units

Contractor(s): BRAVIA SARL - Portugal
National flag of Lebanon National flag of Libya National flag of Peru National flag of the Philippines National flag of Portugal

[ Lebanon; Libya; Palestine; Peru; Philippines; Portugal ]
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Image of the Bravia Chaimite (Series)
Rear right side view of the Chaimite APC; note open side hatch
2 / 6
Image of the Bravia Chaimite (Series)
Rear left side views of Chaimite APC convoy; note rear access hatches
3 / 6
Image of the Bravia Chaimite (Series)
Front right side view of the Chaimite APC; note armament and driver position
4 / 6
Image of the Bravia Chaimite (Series)
Right side profile view of the Chaimite APC; note spare road wheel at front hull and side door access hatch
5 / 6
Image of the Bravia Chaimite (Series)
6 / 6
Image of the Bravia Chaimite (Series)

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