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Krauss-Maffei Wegmann Dingo

4x4 Armored Personnel Carrier (APC)

Krauss-Maffei Wegmann Dingo

4x4 Armored Personnel Carrier (APC)


The German-originated ATF Dingo is growing in popularity and has seen active service in Afghanistan.
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ORIGIN: Germany
YEAR: 2001
MANUFACTURER(S): Krauss-Maffei Wegmann - Germany
OPERATORS: Austria; Belgium; Czech Republic; Germany; Luxembourg; Norway

Unless otherwise noted the presented statistics below pertain to the Krauss-Maffei Wegmann Dingo model. Common measurements, and their respective conversions, are shown when possible.
CREW: 2 + 6
LENGTH: 22.31 feet (6.8 meters)
WIDTH: 7.55 feet (2.3 meters)
HEIGHT: 8.20 feet (2.5 meters)
WEIGHT: 11 Tons (10,000 kilograms; 22,046 pounds)
ENGINE: 1 x Diesel-fueled engine developing 160Kw.
SPEED: 57 miles-per-hour (92 kilometers-per-hour)
RANGE: 621 miles (1,000 kilometers)


1 x 7.62mm machine gun OR 1 x 12.7mm heavy machine gun OR 1 x HK GMG automatic grenade launcher in remote-controlled Rheinmetall MG3 powered turret.

Dependent upon armament fitting.

Series Model Variants
• Dingo
• Dingo 2 - Upgraded variant; based on the UNIMOG U5000 chassis design; additional armor protection; increased operating payloads; eight passenger seating.
• Dingo 2 BUR
• Dingo 2 A2
• Dingo 2 A3
• Dingo 2 A3.2
• Dingo 2 A3.3
• Dingo 2 C1 GSI
• Dingo 2 Police
• Dingo 2 MPPV Fus
• Dingo 2 MPPV PC
• Dingo 2 MPPV Ambulance
• Dingo 2 PRV
• Dingo 2 ATF
• Dingo AC NBC


Detailing the development and operational history of the Krauss-Maffei Wegmann Dingo 4x4 Armored Personnel Carrier (APC).  Entry last updated on 5/21/2018. Authored by Staff Writer. Content ©
The Dingo Infantry Mobility Vehicle (IMV) is a specialized Mine-Resistant, Ambush-Protected (MRAP) military vehicle of German origination. It is manufactured under the Krauss-Maffei Wegmann brand label and intended for multiple roles on the modern battlefield. As an MRAP, several qualities are built into its design to protect the vehicle, and its occupants, from hazards beyond enemy fire - namely mines and other hidden explosives. The truck is built atop the framework of the proven UNIMOG truck (detailed elsewhere on this site).

The Dingo is built around a versatile chassis that allows various configurations to be achieved for the desired mission role. A short and long wheelbase are offered. It is a lightweight system yet robust enough to survive modern battlefield dangers such as Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).

The Dingo weighs between 9 and 12 tons and standard at 2.5 meters with a length up to 6 meters and a width of 2.3 meters. The standard operating crew can be just one though two is more typical with seating for an additional three to six depending on wheelbase. Armor protection is against small arms fire and artillery spray. Power is from a diesel unit outputting 215 horsepower and all four wheels are suspended for crew comfort and cross-country travel. Road speeds reach 90 kmh and operational ranges are out to 1,000 kilometers.

The vehicle stands tall, thanks to its high ground clearance, allowing it to traverse some obstacles and trenches. The engine is fitted to a forward compartment in the traditional way and, along the sides of the hull, are a pair of hinged automobile-style doors with reinforced glass sections. The crew is completely enclosed in the fighting compartment with a hatch set over the roof. Under the vehicle is a V-shaped hull design intended to help deflect blasts occurring from below.

Typical armament is 1 x 7.62mm MG3 series machine gun fitted to a Remote Weapon Station (RWS) atop the vehicle's roof. The armament can be fired by the crew from within the relatively protected confines of the fighting cabin. Various other weapon fits - up to 12.7mm machine guns and 40mm grenades - can also be fitted as needed.

The Dingo series is used globally by Germany (both Army and police units), Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Norway, Iraq and Qatar. The largest user, by far, is the German Army with over 530 in service (2017). The Dingo 2 represents a modernized, advanced version of the same vehicle and based on the framework of the UNIMOG U5000 series instead. More internal space is provided and protection, based on ongoing practical use of original Dingos, has been improved some.

German Dingos have been deployed in Kosovo and Afghanistan since their introduction.