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AMZ Zubr

4-Wheeled Armored Car

The AMZ Zubr wheeled armored car is a relatively new addition to the Polish Army inventory.
Authored By: Staff Writer | Edited: 2/9/2018
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Year: 2009
Manufacturer(s): AMZ-Kutno - Poland
Production: 500
Capabilities: Reconnaissance (RECCE); Security/Defense;
Crew: 2
Length: 21.16 ft (6.45 m)
Width: 8.04 ft (2.45 m)
Height: 8.69 ft (2.65 m)
Weight: 17 tons (15,000 kg); 33,069 lb
Power: 1 x N60 ENT C Iveco Tector 6-cylinder diesel engine developing 275 horsepower at 2,500rpm.
Speed: 62 mph (100 kph)
Range: 373 miles (600 km)
Operators: Poland
The AMZ Zubr forms a necessary addition to the reach of the modern Polish Army. The Zubr design is centered around an agile, armored, multi-purpose, four-wheeled chassis based on the locally-produced Iveco EuroCargo vehicle and provides a robust and responsive solution to Polish mechanized forces. At its core, the Zubr is an armored car called upon to supply Polish armed elements with a "do everything" platform in support of various army units. With deadly lessons learned across both Afghanistan and Iraq battlefields (the Polish Army has supplied limited contingents to both coalition causes), the AMZ Zubr has been specifically designed to withstand blasts from IED (Improvised Explosive Device) sources and hidden enemy pressure landmines. The AMZ Kutno concern of Poland is in the market of modifying existing vehicle systems to create a broad range of capable wheeled vehicles including civilian, police, general security and specialized military solutions. In AMZ nomenclature, the Zubr is classified as an "Armored Transporter".

Design-wise, the Zubr makes use of an all-wheel drive arrangement featuring four large rubber tires - two wheels to a vehicle side. The setup of these wheels and chassis allows for excellent ground clearance and further enhances both cross-country travel and blast deflection from below. The latter is further helped by the V-shaped nature of the hull design which effectively spreads out the blast shockwave away from the centerline of the vehicle. The engine is conventionally fitted to the front of the vehicle with the passenger compartment located at center and rear. There are four automobile-style hinged doors, two to a side (depending on the variant in question). Each seating position is protected with thick glass vision panels while the sides of the vehicle are angled outward for basic ballistics deflection. A large tubular bumper system protects the front end of the vehicle from road obstacles and assists in ramming. A remote-controlled weapon station (when equipped, allowing for firing from inside the vehicle) is fitted atop the vehicle roof as are various equipment arrangements and mission gear. Typical armament is a 12.7mm heavy machine gun with complete elevation and traversal from its perched position and a 7.62mm machine gun and 30mm automatic grenade launcher figure into the mix. Overall armor protection is rated against heavy caliber arms up to 12.7mm (.50 caliber) as well as general protection against 7.62mm projectiles and artillery shell splinters. Its compact size also clears it for air transport in standard medium-sized military transport aircraft. Passenger capacity includes seating for up to ten personnel in relative comfort. Four smoke grenade dischargers (if equipped, mounted on the forward roof) provide some tactical protection.

The Zubr is powered by a single N60 ENT C Iveco Tector series 6-liter, 6-cylinder diesel-fueled engine of 275 horsepower running at 2,500rpm. The powerplant is mated to a seven speed (six forward, one reverse) automatic transmission system. The vehicle is rated for a top speed of 62 miles per hour on roads (less off road) with an operational range of 372 miles (under ideal circumstances). Ground clearance is 0.7 meters. The vehicle weighs in at 15,000 kilograms (33,000lbs) and features a running length of 6.45 meters with a height up to 2.65 meters.

The Zubr is known under four distinct variants as of this writing. The base vehicle is Zubr which is classified as an MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) vehicle. The Zubr WD is the dedicated command vehicle with additional communications gear installed. The Zubr P has been developed as a mobile defense platform armed with Grom (Thunder) guided surface-to-air missile launchers (similar in scope and function to the Stinger-armed American HUMVEE system). The Zubr MMSR is a specialized surveillance platform fitted with the N-26 series radar system to track aerial activity. All vehicles retain a general similarity in appearance.

As of this writing, Poland remains the sole operator of the Zubr vehicle.


Various configurations available depending on mission specifications. Can include 7.62mm general purpose machine guns, 12.7mm heavy machine guns or 30mm automatic grenade launchers. Specialized version mounting Grom short-ranged surface-to-air missile.

Dependent upon variant and armament arrangement.

Variants / Models

• Zubr MRAP - Base Series Designation; basic transport version with seating for 10.
• Zubr WD - Command Vehicle
• Zubr P (Poprad) - Air Defense Variant; fielding Grom short-ranged surface-to-air missiles.
• Zubr MMSR - Air Suveillance Variant; fitted with N26 series radar facilities.
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