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T8 90mm AT

Towed Anti-Tank Gun

The 90mm Gun T8 was intended to provide a much needed anti-tank punch to American ground forces, an element capitalized on by German and Soviet army units in World war 2.
Authored By: Staff Writer | Edited: 9/28/2018
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Year: 1946
Manufacturer(s): State Arsenals - USA
Production: 2
Capabilities: Anti-Tank/Anti-Armor; Fire Support/Assault/Breaching;
Crew: 3
Weight: 9 tons (8,000 kg); 17,637 lb
Power: None. This is a towed artillery piece.
Range: 1 miles (1 km)
Operators: United States
The 90mm Gun T8 was a proposed towed Anti-Tank (AT) gun system intended for service with the United States Army. Its development began during World War 2 which saw much contact by American forces with German armor of increasing protection. Various weapons were eventually devised throughout the conflict to deal with the growing and ever-present battlefield threat - now emerging in the form of the Tiger I and Tiger II heavy tanks in addition to the stout Panther line. The developmental T8 gun was intended to provide the U.S. Army with decade of service after its initial inception though the end of the war in September of 1946 limited the reach of the T8 project in full. The T8 entered its trials phase only in February of 1946 and ultimately well by the wayside with just two prototype weapons produced.

The T8 was of a conventional towed artillery form with a two-wheeled carriage system featuring split trail legs and an integral gun shield for the gunnery crew. The wheels were of synthetic rubber with steel rims, the gun shield sloped for basic ballistics protection, and the 90mm barrel fitted to its recoil mechanism to contend with the violent firing action. Loading of projectiles was expectantly through the breech end. The breech was of a vertical block type and projectiles weighed 39lbs and of the Armor-Piercing (AP) classification. The gun was ranged out effectively to about 1,000 yards away with the mounting hardware allowing for limited traverse and elevation functions. The completed system weighed in at approximately 8 tons. As a towed AT gun, the T8 was to have been towed by a mover vehicle in position. The gunnery crew could then move the weapon system about to fine tune angled and placement.

Would the T8 have ever been adopted for frontline service with American forces, it would most likely had battled Soviet armored vehicles of the Cold War years - principally in Korea and Vietnam.


1 x 90mm barrel

Dependent on ammunition carrier.

Variants / Models

• 90mm Gun T8 - Only 2 pilot models were produced; project was canceled after it had reached active trials in 1946.
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