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Self-Propelled Gun (SPG)

The Chuche-Po Self-Propelled Gun is another North Korean local development intended to strengthen the fighting ranks of the Army.
Authored By: Staff Writer | Edited: 10/8/2018
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Year: 1982
Manufacturer(s): State Factories - North Korea
Production: 1,000
Capabilities: Fire Support/Assault/Breaching;
Crew: 4
Length: 30.68 ft (9.35 m)
Width: 11.65 ft (3.55 m)
Height: 8.20 ft (2.5 m)
Weight: 39 tons (35,000 kg); 77,162 lb
Power: 1 x 12-cylinder diesel engine developing 750 horsepower.
Speed: 28 mph (45 kph)
Range: 264 miles (425 km)
Operators: North Korea
The Chuch'e-Po has been developed by North Korean military industry as a Self-Propelled Gun (SPG) platform. The system is based on the indigenous Ch'onma-ho Main Battle Tank (MBT) chassis and represents a collection of five distinct tracked vehicles mounting various heavy guns (all of Soviet-era origin). One model sports the 122mm D-30 while another is given the 122 D-74 series weapon. The 130mm M-46 has also been witnessed as has the 152mm ML-20. Still another model is outfitted with the 130mm SM-4-1 howitzer system.

Regardless of weapon fit, the vehicles are intended as behind-the-line heavy fire support weapons for the North Korean Army. Their tracked nature gives them good cross-country capabilities and their guns, despite their Cold War origins, are proven battlefield commodities. The Chuch'e-po vehicles supersede the older Tokch'on SPGs in the same battlefield role. A primary advantage for tankers of the Chuch'e-Po is the wholly-enclosed turret design which is lacking in the earlier Tokch'on.


1 x 122mm D-30 or D-74 howitzer OR 1 x 130mm M-46 or SM-4-1 howitzers OR 1 x 152mm ML-20 howitzer.

Not Available.

Variants / Models

• Chuch'e-Po - Base Series Name
• Chuch'e-Po Type 1 - 122mm D-30 main gun
• Chuch'e-Po Type 2 - 122mm D-74 main gun
• Chuch'e-Po Type 3 - 130mm M-46 main gun
• Chuch'e-Po Type 4 - 152mm ML-20 main gun
• Chuch'e-Po Type 5 - 130mm SM-4-1 main gun

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