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    Guisarme Polearm

    Authored By Staff Writer  (Updated: 3/2/2011): The Guisarme was a simplistic polearm featured between the 11th and 15th Centuries, primarily across europe. The weapon was nothing more than a two-handed shaft - measuring between 6- and 7-feet in length - fitting a bladed edge of some sort. While the basic weapon type naturally evolved over time, the form and function of such polearms remained the same for centuries. It is believed that the Guisarme was actually developed by peasant farmers when they combined their everyday work tools to the tips of wooden shafts to help about their daily work. In a military-minded setting, the bladed edge was made more lethal to coincide with the slicing and piercing nature required of such a weapon. The Guisarme polearm could then be used to stop cavalry charges or unseat mounted infantrymen. In tight packs, such a wall could seem unpenetrable.

    Introduction: 11th to 15th Century
    General Dimensions: 6 to 7 feet long
    Standard Weight: Various
    Number of Operators: 1
    Known Operators: Various European Factions

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