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Kamov Ka-27 (Helix)

Soviet Union (1982)

Detailing the development and operational history of the Kamov Ka-27 (Helix) Anti-Ship / Multi-role Naval Helicopter.

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  Kamov Ka-27 (Helix)  
Picture of Kamov Ka-27 (Helix) Anti-Ship / Multi-role Naval Helicopter
Picture of Kamov Ka-27 (Helix) Anti-Ship / Multi-role Naval Helicopter Picture of Kamov Ka-27 (Helix) Anti-Ship / Multi-role Naval Helicopter

Not built in large numbers, the Soviet-era Kamov Ka-27 Helix naval helicopter nonetheless became a featured rotary-wing platform for several militaries of the world.

The Kamov Ka-27 Helix naval helicopter was developed as a direct successor to the aging Kamov Ka-25 line in service with the Soviet Navy - both were primarily used to fulfill the Anti-Ship (AS) role but were eventually branched out to undertake other roles as needed including Search and Rescue (SAR), Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW), and general over-water transport to serve Soviet Navy ships. As seen in previous Kamov helicopter designs, the Ka-27 did not showcase a conventional tail rotor but was instead driven through two counter-rotating, three-bladed main rotors, one seated atop the other - this action counteracted the torque generated by one rotor assembly over the other.

The Ka-27 shares the same overall dimensions as its Ka-25 predecessor which means that very little in the way of onboard ship storage was revised to accommodate the Ka-27 upon acceptance into the Soviet Navy role. The Helix was crewed by three standard operating personnel that included the pilot, a "tactical coordinator", and an Anti-Surface Weapons Coordinator. There was also seating for up to sixteen passengers which lent the Ka-27 Helix well for the transport role when the interior is equipped as such (Ka-29TB).

The Ka-27 saw a first flight on December 24th, 1973 and was formally introduced during 1982 and some 267 examples were ultimately realized. These went on to serve both Soviet and Russian navies as well as the Ukrainian and Indian navies overseas. One of the Ka-27s offshoots became the modern Ka-31 which arrived in 1995 and serves in the Airborne Early Warning (AEW) role.
Picture of the Kamov Ka-27 (Helix) Anti-Ship / Multi-role Naval Helicopter
Picture of the Kamov Ka-27 (Helix) Anti-Ship / Multi-role Naval Helicopter

Variants of the Ka-27 were led by the Ka-25-2 prototype. The Ka-27K served as the ASW prototype which produced the Ka-27PL ("Helix-A") ASW production model. The Ka-27PS ("Helix-D") became a dedicated SAR model and the Ka-27PV was its armed form. The PL was exported as the Ka-28. The Ka-29TB was developed as an assault transport with seating for sixteen passengers. A civilian market form became the Ka-32 and various sub-variants of this mark were later released.

Military operators (beyond the Soviet Union/Russia) of the Ka-27 have gone on to include Algeria, China, India, Portugal, Syria, Ukraine, Vietnam, South Korea, and the former Yugoslavia. Civilian operators have been recognized in Brazil, Canada, Switzerland, Japan, and Portugal.

The base Ka-27 is powered by 2 x Isotov TV3-117V turboshaft engines delivering 2,230 horsepower each. Performance includes a maximum speed of 170 miles per hour, a cruising speed in the 130 mph range, a service range of 610 miles, and a service ceiling of up to 16,400 feet.

Typical armament has been 1 x torpedo while the helicopter can also dispense depth charges and sonobouys as required.

February 2018 - The Ka-32A11BC model will see some seven total exports in 2018.
Kamov Ka-27PL Specifications
National Flag Graphic
Soviet Union
Year: 1982
Status: Active, In-Service
Type: Anti-Ship / Multi-role Naval Helicopter
Manufacturer(s): Kamov - Soviet Union / Russian Helicopters - Russia
Production: 267
Supported Mission Types
Ground Attack
Close-Air Support
Airborne Early Warning
Electronic Warfare
Aerial Tanker
Passenger Industry
VIP Travel
Business Travel
Special Forces
Crew: 3
Length: 37.07 ft (11.3 m)
Width: 52.17 ft (15.90 m)
Height: 17.72 ft (5.40 m)
Empty Weight: 13,448 lb (6,100 kg)
MTOW: 27,778 lb (12,600 kg)

Installed Power
2 x Klimov (Isotov) TV3-117V turboshaft engines driving 2 x three-blade main counter-rotating rotor systems.

Standard Day Performance
Maximum Speed: 143 mph (230 kph; 124 kts)
Maximum Range: 497 mi (800 km; 432 nm)
Service Ceiling: 16,404 ft (5,000 m; 3.11 mi)
Rate-of-Climb: 2,460 ft/min (750 m/min)

1 x Torpedo

Depth charges or sonobouys as needed.

Operators List
Algeria; Brazil; Bulgaria; Canada; China; India; Japan; Laos; Portugal; Ukraine; Russia; North Korea; South Korea; Soviet Union; Syria; Switzerland; Ukraine; Yugoslavia; Vietnam

Series Model Variants
• Ka-27 "Helix" - Base Series Designation
• Ka-25-2 - Prototype
• Ka-25RLD - Radar picket model based on Ka-31 EWA platform delivered in 2010.
• Ka-32K - Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) prototype form.
• Ka-27M - Modernized model with new radar and other systems and sensors.
• Ka-27PL "Helix-A" - Anti-Submarine Warfare Variant featuring nose-integrated search radar system, disposable sonar buoys and a dipping sonar system array.
• Ka-27PLM - Upgrade featuring a newly updated sensor system; Improved TV3-117MVA-SB3 turboshaft powerplant.
• Ka-27PS "Helix-D" - Navy Search-and-Rescue Model (SAR) featuring an externally-mounted winch.
• Ka-28PV - Armed Ka-27PS
• Ka-28 "Helix-A" - Export Model Designation with some of the Ka-27 base systems removed.
• Ka-28TB "Helix-B" - Assault transport model
• Ka-29 - Assault Transport Model
• Ka-29PK - Armed Variant with provision for the
• Ka-32 - Civilian market model
• Ka-32A - Civilian Transport Version of the base Ka-27 model.
• Ka-32A1 - Fire-fighting platform
• Ka-32A2 - Law enforcement variant; searchlight equipped.
• Ka-32A4 - Search and Rescue (SAR) model
• Ka-32A7 - Armed Ka-27PS model
• Ka-32A11BC - Europe, China and Canada certified model; Klimov TV3-117MA series engines; modernized digital cockpit.
• Ka-32A12 - Swiss market model
• Ka-32C - Export model
• Ka-32M - Proposed model with TV3-117MVA-SB3 series engines.
• Ka-32S "Helix-C" - Maritime /coast guard model
• Ka-32T "Helix-C" - Utility transport / passenger hauler.
• Ka-32K - Flying crane platform

Supported Weapon Systems
Graphical image of an aircraft aerial torpedo

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