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Boeing 797 NMA (New Midsize Airplane)

United States (2025)

Detailing the development and operational history of the Boeing 797 NMA (New Midsize Airplane) Mid-Sized Twin-Engine, Twin-Aisle Passenger Airliner.

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  Boeing 797 NMA (New Midsize Airplane)  
Picture of Boeing 797 NMA (New Midsize Airplane) Mid-Sized Twin-Engine, Twin-Aisle Passenger Airliner

The proposed Boeing Model 797 NMA is being designed to fill the market gap between the Model 737 and the larger Boeing aircraft lineup.

Boeing's proposed "Model 797" was revealed at Paris Air Show 2017 through an artist's rendering. The airliner is a new venture currently in-the-works and follows the much-publicized Model 787 "Dreamliner" which has held the company's attention for the good part of a decade. The Model 797, with roots going as far back as the Model 707 of 1958, is viewed as a bridge design between the in-service 737 and the larger Boeing aircraft models like the Model 787. It is intended as a twin-engined design with a twin-aisle seating arrangement and capable of short-to-medium haul routes including coast-to-coast in the United States. Seating will be for 220 to 270 passengers and range will cover up to 5,985 miles.

The company has already started to gauge interest in the intermediate design with good feedback having been given thus far with nearly sixty potential customers being approached. Much of the experience in designing, developing and building the Model 787 will come into play in the Model 797 program.

The designation of Model 797 is not official as of this writing (November 2017). It is known officially as the New Midsize Airplane (NMA) and the company plans to have the aircraft ready for first deliveries sometime in 2025.
Any available statistics for the Boeing 797 NMA (New Midsize Airplane) Mid-Sized Twin-Engine, Twin-Aisle Passenger Airliner are showcased in the areas immediately below. Categories include basic specifications covering country-of-origin, operational status, manufacture(s) and total quantitative production. Other qualities showcased are related to structural values (namely dimensions), installed power and standard day performance figures, installed or proposed armament and mission equipment (if any), global users (from A-to-Z) and series model variants (if any).
Boeing 797 NMA Specifications
National Flag Graphic
United States
Year: 2025
Status: In-Development
Type: Mid-Sized Twin-Engine, Twin-Aisle Passenger Airliner
Manufacturer(s): Boeing Company - USA
Production: 0
Supported Mission Types
Ground Attack
Close-Air Support
Airborne Early Warning
Electronic Warfare
Aerial Tanker
Passenger Industry
VIP Travel
Business Travel
Special Forces
Crew: 2

Installed Power
Not Available.

Standard Day Performance
Maximum Range: 5,984 mi (9,630 km; 5,200 nm)


Operators List
United States (probable)

Series Model Variants
• Model 797 NMA ("New Midsized Airplane") - Base Series Name (tentative).