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Eviation Alice All-Electric Commuter Aircraft

The Eviation Alice is an all-electric aircraft being developed to carry up to nine passengers out to 1,000 kilometers.

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  Eviation Alice  
Picture of Eviation Alice All-Electric Commuter Aircraft
Picture of Eviation Alice All-Electric Commuter Aircraft

Eviation Alice

Service Year: 2020
Type: All-Electric Commuter Aircraft
National Origin: Israel
Manufacturer(s): Eviation Aircraft - Israel
Total Units Built: 1

The light-to-medium commercial passenger market is a growing one and technology is allowing all-new designs to come to market and compete with established industry players. One such product is Eviation Aircraft's "Alice", based in Israel, an all-electrically-driven platform being developed to haul up to nine passengers in comfort out to ranges of 620 miles at speeds beyond 275 miles-per-hour. Alice uses a triple engine "distributed" propulsion scheme comprised of electric motors arranged in a pusher configuration - the primary installation fitted to the extreme aft-end of the fuselage and supporting units found at each wing tip. The engines drive three-bladed propeller units.

The aircraft sports a flat tubular fuselage with tapered nosecone and aft sections. Over the nose is the two seat (side-by-side) cockpit with a widescreen window allowing excellent vision out-of-the-cockpit. The passenger cabin is lined with oval windows and entry/exit points bookend this section. The tail unit consists of a "V-style" plane arrangement, the planes doubling as rudders and horizontal stabilizers. The undercarriage is designed in the typical tricycle format and is wholly retractable. The avionics fit is the Garmin G5000 and flight controls are assisted by a Fly-by-Wire (FbW) control scheme.

Picture of the Eviation Alice All-Electric Commuter Aircraft
Picture of the Eviation Alice All-Electric Commuter Aircraft

Eviation Aircraft has plans for two distinct variants of its Alice design: the base commuter form for short-ranged "jumps" featuring an unpressurized cabin and the Alice ER (Extended Range) given more powerful engines and a pressurized cabin. Both versions will feature heavy reliance on composites for durability and light operating weights (up to 95% of the aircraft will be completed in this way).

A first-flight is scheduled for sometime in early-2019.

Official listed specifications include a service ceiling of 32,000 feet, a speed of up to 270 knots and an MTOW of 6,070 kilograms. Dimensions include a length of 12 meters with a wingspan reaching 15.2 meters.

Structural (Crew, Dimensions, Weights)

Operating Crew (Typical): 2
Overall Width: 49.87 feet (15.20 meters)
Weight (MTOW): 13,382 lb (6,070 kg)

Power / Performance (Engine Type, Top Speed)

Engine Type: 3 x Electric engines developing 375 horsepower and driving multi-bladed propeller units arranged in "pusher" configuration.

Top Speed: 251 knots (289 mph; 465 kph)
Maximum Range: 521 nautical miles (600 miles; 965 km)
Service Ceiling: 32,005 feet (9,755 meters; 6.06 miles)

Armament / Mission Payload


Global Operators (Customers, Users)

Israel (possible)

Eviation Alice Variants

Alice - Base Series Name
Alice Commuter - Base passenger model for short-ranged routes; unpressurized cabin.
Alice ER (Extended Range) - Longer-ranged model with more powerful engines and a pressurized cabin.

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