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Stavatti Javelin T-X

Advanced Jet Trainer Aircraft Prototype

The Stavatti Aerospace Javelin is another contender in the lucrative United States Air Force T-X advanced trainer competition.
Authored By: Staff Writer | Last Edited: 2/27/2019
The Javelin by Stavatti Aerospace of Minnesota is another contender in the United States Air Force's T-X competition attempting to find a replacement for the service's 55+ year old Northrop T-38 'Talon' advanced jet trainers. The contract has the potential to cover some 350 to 400 total aircraft which - coupled with long term support of the product to span decades - stands to make the winner a nice profit. Other contenders in the program include Boeing with Saab of Sweden, Leonardo of Italy, Lockheed Martin with KAI of South Korea, Northrop Grumman with BAe Systems, Sierra Nevada with TAI of Turkey and Textron AirLand.

The Javelin is based on a two-seat civilian market sport aircraft originally developed by Aviation Technology Group (ATG) in the late 1990s. A military version was commissioned at some point by IAI (Israel Aircraft Industries) and this became the Javelin 'Mk-30'. However, despite some work on a prototype being completed, as well as an order for 151 of the type, the project came to naught and ATG was no more before the end of the 2000s.

The Javelin design has since been picked up by Stavatti Aerospace and has been announced as a contender in the USAF T-X program. It retains a two-seat (tandem) crew configuration and carries two engines of (as of right now) unknown make, model and thrust output. The engines are aspirated by small, half-moon intakes located along the sides of the fuselage. Twin vertical tail fins are seated at the rear of the aircraft, positioned over the dual exhaust ports. The wing mainplanes are small in total area and fitted low along the fuselage sides. Horizontal planes are also positioned at the tail in the traditional fashion. Beyond obvious physical design features, internally, the Javelin is reinforced for the rigors of 9G flying. The aircraft can reach speeds of over 1,000 miles per hour (or about Mach 1.36).

At this time (April 2017), Stravatti is attempting to secure a bigger defense player to help push its Javelin product for T-X.

Program Updates

September 2018 - Boeing was announced the winner of the T-X advanced trainer competition with its T-X submission.


[ 0 Units ] :
Stavatti Aerospace - USA
National flag of United States United States (possible)
- X-Plane / Developmental
- Training
45.93 ft (14 m)
32.81 ft (10 m)
13.12 ft (4 m)
(Showcased structural dimension values pertain to the Stavatti Javelin T-X production model)
Empty Weight:
7,055 lb (3,200 kg)
11,023 lb (5,000 kg)
(Diff: +3,968lb)
(Showcased weight values pertain to the Stavatti Javelin T-X production model)
2 x Turbofan engines of unknown make and model with afterburning capability.
(Showcased powerplant information pertains to the Stavatti Javelin T-X production model)
Maximum Speed:
746 mph (1,200 kph; 648 kts)
Service Ceiling:
49,213 feet (15,000 m; 9.32 miles)
Maximum Range:
1,087 miles (1,750 km; 945 nm)
33,000 ft/min (10,058 m/min)
(Showcased performance values pertain to the Stavatti Javelin T-X production model; Compare this aircraft entry against any other in our database)
(Showcased armament details pertain to the Stavatti Javelin T-X production model)
Javelin - Base Series Name
Javelin Mk-30 - Original prototype based on the Aviation Technology Group (ATG) civil jet sport plane.

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