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    Infantry Mortars from Origin to Present Day

    The basic principles behind the mortar weapon system allow for relatively portable, indirect firepower to be brought into any offensive action.

    Even before their large-scale use in World War 1 and World War 2, the mortar held a history dating as far back as the 18th Century. Mortars were designed as "indirect fire" weapons intended to lob projectiles against enemy positions that were protected by walls or natural coverage. The "lobbing" nature of the mortar ensured that the projectile would clear the obstruction and engage the enemy behind it. The use of mortars in combat was not as prevalent prior to World War 1 but the trench warfare nature of that conflict brought about its heavy use. As such, various-caliber mortars were in large-scale use by the end of the war. In World War 2, many pre-war designs were still en vogue while newer ones came into play. From then on, the mortar has remained a vital cog in the modern military machine.

    There are a total of (43) Infantry Mortars from Origin to Present Day in the Military Factory. Entries are listed below in alphanumeric order. Flag images indicative of country of origin.

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    17cm mittlerer Minenwerfer
    Medium Trench Mortar
    25cm schwerer Minenwerfer
    Heavy Trench Mortar
    2B11 Sani (Sleigh)
    120mm Heavy Field Mortar
    2B9 Vasilek (Cornflower)
    82mm Towed Heavy Gun-Mortar
    5cm leichte Granatwerfer 36 (leGrW 36)
    50mm Light Infantry Field Mortar
    7.58cm Minenwerfer
    Light Rifled Trench Mortar
    8cm schwere Granatwerfer 34 (GrW 34)
    80mm Medium Field Mortar
    Brandt mle 27 (Mortier Brandt de 81mm modele 27)
    Infantry Mortar
    Brandt mle 35 (Mortier Brandt de 60mm modele 35)
    Light Infantry Mortar
    Brandt mle 37 (Mortier Brandt de 50mm modele 37)
    Infantry Light Mortar
    Kurzer 8cm Granatwerfer 42 (kz 8cm GrW 42)
    Medium Infantry Mortar
    M120, 120mm Mortar
    Towed Heavy Field Mortar
    M1937 82mm (82-PM 37)
    Battalion Field Mortar
    M1938 120mm (120-HM 38)
    Infantry Field Mortar
    M1938 50mm (50-RM 38)
    Light Infantry Mortar
    M1940 50mm (50-RM 40)
    Light Infantry Mortar
    M1941 82mm (82-PM 41)
    Battalion Field Mortar
    M1943 120mm (120-PM 43)
    Heavy Field Mortar
    M1943 160mm (MT-13)
    Heavy Mortar
    M2 4.2-inch (Goon Gun)
    Rifled Infantry Mortar Weapon
    M224, 60mm Mortar
    60mm Lightweight Mortar
    M252, 81mm Mortar
    Medium Weight Extended Range Mortar
    M29, 81mm Mortar
    High-Angle Infantry Heavy Field Mortar
    MO-120 RT-61 (Mortier 120mm Raye Tracte Modele F1)
    Towed Rifled Heavy Mortar-Gun
    Mortaio da 81/14 Modello 35
    81mm Infantry Mortar
    Mortaio d'assalto 45/5 Brixia, Modello 35
    45mm Infantry Mortar
    Mortar, 60mm M19
    Light Infantry Mortar
    Mortar, 60mm M2
    Light Infantry Mortar
    Mortar, 81mm M1
    81mm Medium Infantry Mortar
    Ordnance L16
    82mm Infantry Mortar
    Ordnance ML 2-inch Mortar
    Light Infantry Mortar
    Ordnance ML 3-inch Mortar
    81mm Light Infantry Mortar
    Ordnance ML 4.2-inch Mortar
    Heavy Field Mortar
    Ordnance ML 9.45-inch Heavy Trench Mortar (Flying Pig)
    Heavy Smoothbore Mortar
    Sky Horse
    50mm Light Field Mortar
    Soltam K5 (M65)
    120mm Mortar
    Stokes Mortar (3-inch)
    81mm Light Infantry Mortar / Trench Mortar
    Type 10, 50mm Grenade Discharger
    Light Mortar / Grenade Launcher
    Type 31 60mm
    60mm Infantry Light Mortar
    Type 89, 50mm Grenade Discharger
    Light Mortar / Grenade Launcher
    Type 94 90mm
    Infantry Mortar
    Type 97 81mm
    Infantry Mortar
    Type 97 90mm (mortar)
    Infantry Mortar