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Military Small Arms - Guns and Other Infantry Weapons

Land warfare, and the complete victory in Total War, still falls to the individual warfighter and his weapons, equipment and technology.

Despite the advancements in modern battlefield technology, the infantryman remains the most important cog in the war machine. From spear and bronze shield to automatic weapon and Kevlar, an army fights or retreats based on what the soldier can do - and the infantryman is only as good as his equipment, training, leadership and those around him.

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Military Sniper Rifles
Sniper Rifles
One of the more intriguing battlefield components.
Automatic Rifles
Automatic Rifles
Repeat-fire functionality through a rifle-style body.
Military Pistols and Handguns
Pistols / Handguns
The sidearm of choice since replacing the sabre.
Submachine Guns
Submachine Guns
Machine gun firepower in a compact package.
Portable Anti-Tank Weaponry
Portable systems now make the hunters the hunted.
Machine Guns
Machine Guns
Voluminous firepower changing unit tactics.
Bolt-Action Rifles
Bolt-Action Rifles
A tried-and-true performer spanning decades.
Portable Anti-Aircraft Weapons
Low-flying aircraft beware the anti-aircraft solution.
Military Anti-Material Rifles
Anti-Material Rifles
Countering the armored threat at range.
Military Infantry Hand Grenades
Hand Grenades
Infantry-level solution to the fixed enemy prescence.
Military Combat Shotguns
Combat Shotguns
The critical punch at the point-of-attack.
Carbine Guns
Carbine Guns
Shorter than the rifle, no less lethal.
Revolver Handguns
Reliability has ensured their place in military history.
Mortar Weapon Systems
Bringing down the rain with in-direct fire.
Grenade Launchers
Grenade Launchers
Lethality and firepower to squad level tactics.