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Flintlock Guns

Authored By Staff Writer | Last Updated: 3/27/2014

Flintlock guns appeared before the revolutionary percussion cap system and ruled warfare for some 200 years.

Flintlock was a firing action related to early firearms. The firing action consisted of a spring-loaded cock-lever containing a small amount of flint in the hold of a screw-tightened clamp. There was a steel "frizzen", or flashpan, for which the flint to work against. The frizzen covered the supply of gunpowder. As the charge and ball were loaded down into the barrel muzzle-first by way of a ramrod, the operator would then set the cock to be "half-cocked" and have his weapon ready to fire. When aimed and ready, the operator would then set the cocking lever to "full-cock". Pulling the trigger began the firing action for the trigger let loose the cock-lever to which struck the flint against the frizzen. The struck frizzen would expose the gunpowder in the flash pan through a "touch hole" to the resultant sparks. The resulting spark ignited the gunpowder and set off the main charge, the resulting pressure firing the bullet out of the barrel. Flintlock guns served the world for some 200 to 300 years before being replaced by the percussion principle.

There are a total of 17 Flintlock Guns in the Military Factory. Entries are listed below in alphanumeric order. Flag images indicative of country of origin.

Baker Rifle (Baker Infantry Rifle)
British Army authorities garnered much experience from its battles in the American Revolutionary War (1775-1783), particularl...
Thumbnail picture of the Baker Rifle (Baker Infantry Rifle)

The Blunderbuss (born of the Dutch word "Donderbus", appropriately meaning "Thunder Pipe" or "Thunder Gun") came to prominenc...
Thumbnail picture of the Blunderbuss

British Land Pattern Musket (Brown Bess)
The Brown Bess was the standard musket of the British military during the height of its empirical reach. It went on to be use...
Thumbnail picture of the British Land Pattern Musket (Brown Bess)

British Sea Service Pistol
With the wider acceptance of firearms, even the Age of Sail was not immune to the evolution seen in land-based warfare. The f...
Thumbnail picture of the British Sea Service Pistol

Charleville Musket
The Charleville Musket, gaining its name from it place of manufacturer, this being the French main arsenal in Charleville, Fr...
Thumbnail picture of the Charleville Musket

Duval Model 1765
The Washington Naval Yard of Washington, D.C. holds a flintlock pistol in its collection that reportedly belonged to the Marq...
Thumbnail picture of the Duval Model 1765

Harpers Ferry / Springfield Model 1795
The Model 1795 was a smooth-bore, single-shot, flintlock-based musket and the first such weapon system to be produced within ...
Thumbnail picture of the Harpers Ferry / Springfield Model 1795

Harpers Ferry Model 1803
While the Harpers Ferry Model 1795 was America's first smoothbore musket to be produced in number through its national armori...
Thumbnail picture of the Harpers Ferry Model 1803

Harpers Ferry Model 1805
The Harpers Ferry Model 1805 was a flintlock pistol produced out of Harpers Ferry Armory in West Virginia. The firm was set u...
Thumbnail picture of the Harpers Ferry Model 1805

Harpers Ferry Model 1816
Harpers Ferry became America's second national armory after the site was personally selected by George Washington (the Spring...
Thumbnail picture of the Harpers Ferry Model 1816

Henry Model 1813 Navy
Between June of 1813 and August of 1814, Joseph Henry of Philadelphia was contracted to deliver 600 of his flintlock pistols ...
Thumbnail picture of the Henry Model 1813 Navy

Johnson Model 1836
The Johnson Model 1836 was a high-quality flintlock pistol produced for the US government in a batch of 3,000 examples. The p...
Thumbnail picture of the Johnson Model 1836

Kentucky Rifle (Deckard Rifle / Longrifle / Pennsylvania Rifle)
The development and naming of the Long Rifle is argued between riflemen of Kentucky and Pennsylvania even to this day. The mo...
Thumbnail picture of the Kentucky Rifle (Deckard Rifle / Longrifle / Pennsylvania Rifle)

Remington Model 1841 (Mississippi Rifle)
The Remington gun company of today holds a long and illustrious history dating back to its founding in 1816 by Eliphalet Remi...
Thumbnail picture of the Remington Model 1841 (Mississippi Rifle)

Sharpe Model 1760
A rather unheard of practice today was the practice of officers and soldiers purchasing their own weapons, particularly sidea...
Thumbnail picture of the Sharpe Model 1760

Springfield Model 1817
The Springfield Model 1817 Type 1 was a flintlock pistol produced out of the Springfield Armory in Springfield, Massachusetts...
Thumbnail picture of the Springfield Model 1817

Waters Model 1836
The Waters Model 1836 flintlock pistol was delivered by Asa Waters & Company out of their Millbury, Massachusetts factory. Th...
Thumbnail picture of the Waters Model 1836