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  • Akdal MKA 1919 Semi-Automatic Combat Shotgun

    The Turkish Akdal MKA 1919 is a heavily modified M16 Assault Rifle for the semi-automatic combat shotgun role.

     Updated: 9/27/2016; Authored By Staff Writer; Content ¬©www.MilitaryFactory.com

    Akdal Arms of Turkey manufactures what appears to be nothing more than a clone of the famous American Colt M16 Assault Rifle - with its battlefield role converted to that of semi-automatic combat shotgun. Designed in 2006 with production beginning in 2007, the MKA 1919 fulfills the short-range fighting role for the modern Turkish Land Force, firing a 12-gauge shell through a gas-operated, semi-automatic action while fed from a 5-round detachable curved box magazine. Effective range is out to 50 meters with an overall weight of 7.2 lb, overall length of 38 inches, and a barrel length of 19 inches.

    The MKA 1919 certainly mimics the M16 closely save for a few external differences. The shoulder stock is retained at the rear of the receiver with the identifiable carrying handle (with integrated diopter sighting device) featured over the receiver (along a section of Picatinny rail). The pistol grip is retained under the weapon near the trigger area with the magazine well just ahead of the trigger unit. Key modifications to the base system include installation of a support tube added under the barrel assembly which also houses a return spring. The bolt-release is as found on the M16 and the weapon is charged similarly prior to firing. A manual safety is very M16-esque in its execution, found along the left side of the receiver near the pistol grip section. The carrying handle (and its diopter sighting device) can be substituted to any other supported accessory as required.

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    Akdal MKA 1919 Technical Specifications

    Service Year: 2007
    Type: Semi-Automatic Combat Shotgun
    National Origin: Turkey
    Manufacturer(s): Akdal Arms (Ucyildiz Arms) - Turkey

    Design (Internal, Dimensions and Weights)

    Firing Action: Gas-Operated; Semi-Automatic
    Available Caliber(s): 12-Gauge
    Ammunition Count / Feed: 5-Round Detachable Box Magazine
    Overall Length: 964 mm (37.95 inches)
    Barrel Length: 470 mm (18.50 inches)
    Weight (Empty): 7.17 lb (3.25 kg)
    Sighting Assist: Integrated Diopter Sighting Device (in carrying handle)


    Typical Range: 165 feet (50 meters; 55 yards)

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    Model Variants

    MKA 1919 - Base Product Designation