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    Breda Modello 30 (Breda 30) Light Machine Gun (LMG) (1930)

    Breda Modello 30 (Breda 30) Light Machine Gun (LMG) (1930)

    The Breda Modello 30 became the standard light machine gun of the Italian Army heading into World War 2.

    Staff Writer (5/9/2016): Prior to World War 1 (1914-1918), Breda Meccanica Bresciana (or simply "Breda") was a heavy industry supplier of locomotives. It was during the war that its direction changed when it joined under the FIAT label to help produce FIAT machine guns for the Italian war effort, thusly beginning the company's military ties with the Italian government. After the armistice of November 1918, Breda solidified its own weapons design and production, delving into the Light Machine Gun (LMG) category to supplement the heavy FIAT water-cooled machine guns then in use. This led to the Mitragliatrice Breda Tipo 5C of 1924 which became one of the first light machine gun offerings to emerge in the post-World War 1 world. It was adopted through 2,000 examples by the Italian Army under the designation of "Modello 24" and then was evolved through the models of 1928 and 1929.

    In 1930, the design was revised again and emerged from testing as the "Modello 30" - known in its long form as the "Fucile Mitragliatore Breda Modello 30" and, as its name suggests, the weapon was adopted by the Italian Army in 1930 with manufacture peaking at 30,000 units. The Modello 30 sat in the same category as the American M1918 BAR, the Japanese Type 11 and Type 96 systems and the British BREN Light Machine Gun - intended as a portable squad-support weapon.

    The Modello 30 was chambered for the 6.5x52mm Mannlicher-Carcano rifle cartridge which held proven man-stopping qualities yet was viewed as "underpowered" compared to her contemporaries such as the British .303 - particularly for a machine gun weapon. The action of the Modello 30 relied on a recoil-based blowback system of operation, an interesting choice considering the high-velocity nature of the weapon. The system was air-cooled - not requiring a water reservoir for the crew to tote - providing for maximum portability though forcing manual changing of an overheated barrel, usually after about 250 rounds of successive firing. Rate-of-fire was approximately 500 rounds per minute with a muzzle velocity of 2,066 feet per second and effective range was within 800 meters with an overall engagement range out to 3,000 meters.

    Outwardly, the Modello 30 held a unique and rather clunky appearance that included a cut-down wooden shoulder stock, thin cylindrical receiver and side-mounted magazine - the shape was certainly not refined or streamlined in any way. The magazine was of particular note for it entered the frame (ahead of the trigger and pistol grip) at a 90-degree angle near the center of the gun along the right side. The box was fixed to the frame and set to hinge open for reloading by which "stripper" clips were inserted totaling 20 rounds. While allowing Italian machine gunners the ability to utilize existing stocks of 6.5mm ammunition, use of clips lowered the platform's rate-of-fire and increased reload times. Also, reliance on a permanently-fixed magazine meant that, if the magazine structure incurred any severe physical damage, it could render the entire machine gun useless until the part was replaced. The machine gun's feed system was forced to include an oil reservoir for cartridge lubrication to counter the effects of poor extraction due to the blowback operation. As can be expected, such a coating attracted all manner of debris once in-the-field.

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    Technical Specifications:
    Breda Modello 30 (Breda 30)
    Light Machine Gun (LMG)

    Country of Origin: Italy
    Manufacturer: Breda Meccanica Bresciana - Italy
    Initial Year of Service: 1930

    Overall Length: 1230 mm (48.43 in)
    Barrel Length: 450.00 mm (17.72 in)
    Weight (Empty): 23.37 lb (10.60 kg)

    Caliber*: 6.5x52mm Mannlicher-Carcano
    Action: Blowback
    Feed: 20-round tray for stripper clips
    Muzzle Velocity: 2,066 ft/sec (630 m/sec)
    Rate-of-Fire: 500 rounds per minute
    Range: 2,624 ft (800 m; 875 yds)
    Sights: Iron Front and Rear

    * Listed caliber(s) for firearms may be model dependent if more than one model type/chambering was produced. Always consult official manufacturer's information or a licensed dealer.

    Fucile Mitragliatore Breda modello 30 - Formal Designation.

    Breda 30 - Alternative, short designation

    MG 099(i) - German Army Designation following 1943 Italian armistice with the Allies.

    Greece; Italy