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  • Remington Model 870 Pump-Action Shotgun

    The well-appreciated Remington M870 pump-action shotgun has seen consistent military service since 1950.

     Updated: 12/16/2016; Authored By Staff Writer; Content ¬©www.MilitaryFactory.com

    One of the most famous and popular of the Remington shotgun lines became the Remington M870 (Model 870) series. The type overtook the Remington Model 31 line in 1951 and has seen constant production since with an estimate 10,000,000 units sold - undoubtedly a commercial success for the storied concern. Design of the M870 is collectively attributed to L. Ray Crittendon, Phillip Haskell, Ellis Hailston and G.E. Pinkney to which their work has gone on to find roles as a sporting, civilian home defense, general security, law enforcement, frontline military and special forces close-quarters system. It has proven reliable, robust and very manageable while being generally inexpensive.

    The Model 870 is a wholly-conventional pump-action slide shotgun offering. The design constitutes a rectangular receiver housing the requisite internal action, a forend slide assembly over the tubular magazine with barrel mounted over and a full shoulder stock incorporating a pistol-type grip. Shells are loaded individually through the underside loading gate to which the operator then manages the pump-action slide to introduce a fresh shell into the chamber whilst ejecting any possible spent casing within. Spent casings are ejected through an oblong port along the right side of the receiver. Depending on the model and caliber, the M870 can house four to seven shells in its tubular magazine with an extra shell already in the chamber ready-to-fire. Barrel lengths also vary based on model and chosen barrel installation and this directly effects overall weight of the system (7lbs to 9lbs). Iron sights are provided though rifle-type scopes can be affixed as required through special added mounts.

    The M870 has appeared in numerous forms throughout its long and storied history. The firearm has come available in the well-accepted 12-gauge form but has also appeared in 16-, 20- and 28-gauge as well as a .410 bore system capable of firing slug, buckshot and flare rounds. One of the more popular M870 sub-models is the "Wingmaster". Accessories include a forward hand grip along the slide with tactical pistol grip for a more compact overall form.

    Operators of the M870 are many and include Australia (military), Austria (special forces), Bangladesh (army), Canada (army, police); China (army, marines), Finland (army), Germany (army), Greece (special forces, police), Hong Kong (police), Hungary (military), Ireland (army), Israel (army), Luxembourg (special police), Malaysia (special forces), South Korea (navy special forces), Sweden (army), Switzerland (army), the United Kingdom (special forces) and the United States (military, border patrol, security and police). The M870 is under illegal production in China under the NORINCO brand label as the HP9-1.

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    Remington Model 870 Technical Specifications

    Service Year: 1950
    Type: Pump-Action Shotgun
    National Origin: United States
    Manufacturer(s): Remington Arms Company - USA / NORINCO - China

    Design (Internal, Dimensions and Weights)

    Firing Action: Pump-Action Repeating
    Available Caliber(s): 12-, 16-, 20- or 28-gauge; .410 bore
    Ammunition Count / Feed: 4- or 7-round tubular magazine
    Overall Length: 1,280 mm (50.39 inches)
    Barrel Length: 760 mm (29.92 inches)
    Weight (Empty): 7.50 lb (3.40 kg)
    Sighting Assist: Base Iron; Optional Optics


    Rate-of-Fire (RoF): 15 rounds-per-minute (rpm)

    Global Operators / Customers

    Australia; Austria; Bangladesh; Canada; China; Finland; France; Germany; Greece; Hong Kong; Hungary; Ireland; Israel; Luxembourg; Malaysia; South Korea; Sweden; Switzerland; Untied Kingdom; United States

    Model Variants

    Model 870 - Base Series Designation

    Model 870 Mark 1

    Model 870 Express

    Model 870 Express Combos

    Model 870 Express Deer Gun

    Model 870 Express Slug Gun (12 & 20)

    Model 870 Express Synthetic

    Model 870 Express Synthetic 18"

    Model 870 Express Synthetic Deer Gun

    Model 870 Express Turkey

    Model 870 Express Turkey Camo

    Model 870 Express Super Mag

    Model 870 Express Super Mag Combo

    Model 870 Express Super Mag Synthetic

    Model 870 Express Super Mag Turkey

    Model 870 Express Super Mag Turkey Camo

    Model 870 Express Super Mag Waterfowl

    Model 870 Marine Magnum

    Model 870 SPS (Special Purpose Synthetic) Super Mag Camo

    Model 870 SPS-T Camo Thumbhole

    Model 870 SPS-T Super Mag Camo

    Model 870 Wingmaster

    Model 870 Wingmaster NRA Edition

    Model 870 Wingmaster Dale Earnhardt Tribute

    Model 870 Wingmaster Classic Trap

    Model 870 Wingmaster LW-Small Bore

    Model 870 Wingmaster Super Mag