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McMillan TAC-308 Bolt-Action Rifle / Sniper Rifle ()

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The McMillan TAC-308 can be fielded in the military, security or competition roles with equal success.

Picture of McMillan TAC-308
The McMillan TAC-308 (McMillan Tactical Rifle) was developed for military and security forces operating in an urban setting. The system is chambered to fire the proven .308 Winchester cartridge from its heavy match-grade free-floating barrel. The TAC-308 is produced in three major variants, differing mainly in the type of magazine and barrel utilized. The rifle is also featured in sniper rifle competition shooting.

The TAC-308A model series features the A3 series stock, a 20" barrel with threaded cap and a detachable box magazine. The 20" medium-heavy contour barrel is match grade with a 1-11 twist and polygonal rifling. The detachable box magazine allows for 1 to 5 cartridges (also available is a 10-round box). The A-3 stock features sling loops and an integral cheekpiece and LOP spacer system.

The TAC-308B is similar but fits the A-5 series stock with a 24" medium-heavy contour barrel with threaded cap and polygonal rifling. Magazine support is also a 5-round detachable box magazine supporting 1 to 5 cartridges or a 10-round box. The A-5 stock sports a buttstock, integral adjustable cheeckpiece, LOP spacer system and sling loops.

The TAC-308C also sports the A-5 series stock and 24" medium-heavy contour barrel with polygonal rifling sans the threaded cap. The TAC-308C works from a hinged floorplate system.

The entire TAC-308 family line sports the Remington Style trigger action. The rifles action is G-30 McMillan Short Action chambered for .308 Winchester. Scopes are optional. The weapon is finished in Dura-Coat Metal and is available in black, olive, gray, tan and dark earth. The pistol grip is near-vertical and integrated into the stock. The bolt lever sits over the right side of the gun body which supports the seemingly featureless barrel, itself extending out over the body. Externally, she maintains a clean and simple design.

Optics (night vision included) and a bipod are optional accessories to all of the TAC-308 family.

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Specifications for the
McMillan TAC-308
Bolt-Action Rifle / Sniper Rifle

Country of Origin: United States
Manufacturer: McMillan Tactical Products LLC - USA
Initial Year of Service:

Overall Length: 1143 mm (45.00 in)
Barrel Length: 609.00 mm (23.98 in)
Weight (Empty): 9.48 lb (4.30 kg)

Caliber*: .308 Winchester
Action: Bolt-Action Repeating
Feed: 5- or 10-round detachable box magazine

* Listed caliber(s) for firearms may be model dependent if more than one model type/chambering was produced. Always consult official manufacturer's information or a licensed dealer.

TAC-308A - Base Model; A-3 model stock; 20" threaded barrel with cap; detachable box magazine.

TAC-308B - Threaded 24" barrel with cap; A-5 model stock; detachable box magazine.

TAC-308C - Non-threaded 24" barrel; hinged floorplate system; A-5 model stock.

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