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USS New York (BB-34) Battleship (1914)

Authored By Staff Writer | Last Updated: 9/7/2013

The US New York became a proven warhorse, seeing combat service in World War 1 and World War 2 before used as a target during atomic testing.

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Specifications for the
USS New York (BB-34)

Country of Origin: United States
Initial Year of Service: 1914
Operators: United States

Crew: 1,042

Length: 573 ft (174.65 m)
Beam: 95.3 ft (29.05 m)
Draught: 28.6 ft (8.72 m)
Displacement: 27,000 tons

Machinery: 14 x Babcock and Wilcox coal-fired boilers feeding 2 x Vertical triple-expansion steam engines delivering 28,100 horsepower while driving 2 x shafts.

Surface Speed: 20 kts (23 mph)
Range: 8,125 miles (13,076 km)

As Built:
10 x 14" (356mm) /45 cal main guns
21 x 5" (127mm) /51 caliber guns
2 x 3" (76mm) /50 caliber anti-aircraft guns
4 x 21" (533mm) torpedo tubes

1925 Refit:
10 x 14" (356mm) /45 cal main guns
16 x 5" (127mm) /51 cal guns
8 x 3" (76mm) /50 cal anti-aircraft guns

1942 Refit:
10 x 14" (356mm) /45 cal main guns
6 x 5" (127mm) /51 cal guns
10 x 3" (76mm) /50 cal anti-aircraft guns
24 x 40mm Bofors anti-aircraft guns
42 x 20mm Oerlikon anti-aircraft guns

Ship Class: New York-class
Number-in-Class: 2

Ships-in-Class: [ SHOW / HIDE ]